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Year 2 of a Life Sentence: A Tale of Minds

TheGarbageManSep 7, 2019, 10:31:24 PM

An Example of The Garbage Man Flex

2 years. 

For some, that's too short. For most of my relationships, that's too long. 

But for being @TheGarbageMan on Minds.com? 

Just getting started!

After my Year 1 retrospective, things had begun to become normal as I kept writing fiction, edit videos, stream games, and basically do what I want in these open shores of online seas. While some formats and series have changed, what remains is me still just having fun and making my hobby your entertainment and information.

Sometimes I’ll go back and watch or reread a thing I've made and I’ll either be impressed or cringe. I often wonder why this was considered good, or why this was considered bad, but I always had the advantage that few in my position have: I didn’t need it.

I’m not here to ask for money. I'm not here to cater, pander, or misdirect. I'm in the same boat as all of you, wandering in this endless ocean of shit and trash. We're just wading through it, trying to find what's good, makes us stronger and wiser, what makes us more.

But until that fateful day the singularity occurs, I'll continue dropping hot words on the screen and videos on the web!

Friday Fireplace Tales

There was more Friday Fireplace Tales (FFT), with a break before Season 2, Fires 53 through 64.

Created with the idea of telling everyone who I really am in the 51st and 52nd Fires, FFT became legend, inspiring me to make meaning and more from written words, as well as encourage others and receive feedback from artists all over the world! FFT has given me much for just a few hundred words a week.

The series is currently on hiatus but expect its return with season 3, roaring back as soon as I feel the Fires are ready.

Year 2 Fires:

The 37th Fire: A Tale of Display

The 38th Fire: A Tale of Test

The 39th Fire: A Tale of Squirrels

The 40th Fire: A Tale of Triumph

The 41st Fire: A Tale of Fish

The 42nd Fire: A Tale of Search

The 43rd Fire: A Tale of Halloween

The 44th Fire: A Tale of Rhetoric

The 45th Fire: A Tale of Apocalypse

The 46th Fire: A Tale of Continuance

The 47th Fire: A Tale of Determination

The 48th Fire: A Tale of Pride

The 49th Fire: A Tale of Loneliness

The 50th Fire: A Tale of Revelation

The 51st Fire: A Tale of Childhood

The 52nd Fire: A Tale of Adulthood

Season 2:

The 53rd Fire: A Tale of Ownership

The 54th Fire: A Tale of Time

The 55th Fire: A Tale of Anger

The 56th Fire: A Tale of Defiance

The 57th Fire: A Tale of Possession

The 58th Fire: A Tale of Regret

The 59th Fire: A Tale of Doom

The 60th Fire: A Tale of Streams

The 61st Fire: A Tale of Instinct

The 62nd Fire: A Tale of Longing

The 63rd Fire: A Tale of Trust

The 64th Fire: A Tale of Musing

The Gaming Garbage Man

Are we even having fun anymore?

I'll probably never stop playing video games, at least until the diabetes takes my hands or an EMP pulse brings down the grid. But before those days come, I'm still going to be the last-most name in video game reviews and journalism!

We did have some fun titles during Year 2 as I tried making more video reviews with some polish and finesse. I want you to watch a Gaming Garbage Man review and get something out of it, to feel a little as I did while playing the game.

Year 2 Game Reviews:

Beyond: Good & Evil HD

Mass Effect: Andromeda

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds

Fallout 76

Kingdom Come: Deliverance



There is always new streams over on my Twitch and Mixer pages, and all reviews can be found on Youtube, along with some right here on Minds.

Some games I play will never get reviewed and that's their own fault.

Meat Beat Monday

What is the one thing the world doesn't need? 

How about a weekly newscast, covering the stories so real that no one wants to hear about them!

The Meat Cathedral was erected by @curator_daddy and contained the hottest and unknown news stories from around the world! All that I needed to do was read them aloud and let the hilarity ensue!

MBM was so genuine, so visceral, I lost followers and viewers just from reading the news! But in the end, it was one of the most true, enjoyable, and proudest things I've done as The Garbage Man. 

2 Years Down, A Lifetime to Go

Watching the fires with the Curator

As I close out another year, I ponder on the future of @TheGarbageMan. While I had much more fun the second year, will year 3 be the one I get fed up with it all? Or will it be the year I finally blossom into a garbage flower?

We shall see.

But until the next anniversary, thank you, truly. I've always been honored that so many of you read, share, and comment on my page. You aren't the reason I do this, but it's always nice to have an audience. And maybe just a little bit of it is for you, if that makes you feel better.

Until next year, keep sorting your trash!

An old gift from @FerretPop

The 3rd Legion

My first commissioned drawing from @MrMouth

The town of Paradise, CA burning into smoke.