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The 59th Fire: A Tale of Doom

TheGarbageManApr 12, 2019, 8:20:42 AM

I wrote this after the real-life events of Operation Burnt Frost over ten years ago now. I've always been into the end of civilization and the different ways it could happen and the different events that may have been foretold. Everyone will be a prophet or seer in the end times and I think I'm a perfect example of that. The end comes always, be ready with a fire of your own.

Signs & Sins

The book of Revelations describes the moon turning red and the beast rising out of the sea. On February 20th the moon did turn bloody red and the beast was an American warship launching a missile into a defective satellite, high above the earth in orbit.

The missile hit, the moon faded back to its pale white, and all the people of the world went on with their lives as if nothing ever even happened.

A week later, it began.

People started randomly exploding in the streets, houses, anywhere a person could be. So many that rivers and lakes began to swell with the blood of the departed. The edges of the ocean tinted dark brown three mile in from the shore.

Blood. So much of it that something had to be done.

The governments of the world conjoined under one leader to try and prevent the exploding body epidemic and a special potion was devised.

Handed out, stored, looted, depending on the magnitude of desperation and fear, it was imbibed without second thought or question.

The exploded corpses littering the dumps and waterways were the lucky ones.

The first effect was horns painfully growing out of the forehead, causing non stop headaches for the fortunate and grand seizures in the less.

The leader of the world, who did not have these horns, said it was an unfortunate side-effect of the potion. He also congratulated himself for no more people spontaneously exploded.

Things got worse. All babies in the womb became stillborn. Children who had drank the devilish potion began hungering for human flesh, as if afflicted by rabies. All babe and child were killed and added to the piles of exploded corpses.

Plants died, the earth seemingly cutting them off so that no seed took root. Trees toppled over, grass blew into the wind. Sand began to replace the forests and plains.

People became hungry.

They went back to those dumps and waterways to find nourishment, any. They feasted on the flesh of rot and maggots, whatever the wild animals and crows had not gorged themselves on.

The leader of the world smiled and said, “History will not judge us, for we overcame.”

History is only for those who live.