Freedom Loving Believer, Husband, Father and Author.

Laid back and super chill person that loves everyone and there opinions even if there different from mine. ----------------MY GROUPS------------------- Amateur Art #knowyourshit

An explorer of both the physical and spiritual worlds, a lover of life simply for the reason that life is all of us. I believe in unifying humanity to the understanding we are all the same. We fight each other because of the social programming and conditioning to which we are perpetually subjected. There is no need to buy into this and it becomes laughable when you start questioning the foundation and underlying intentions of the public narratives and purposes behind these "stories". We each have the power to think for ourselves... perception is reality. If we greatly reduce or eradicate fear, judgement, and hatred within ourselves, we find peace, joy, and emphatic love. This is already occurring within many, many people. It's now a matter of spreading awareness once you understand. Work towards gaining a deeper understanding, through self-exploration, of the evolution/revolution taking place. Please note: All content produced from this account is original material. Any work created by someone else is clearly marked as such. THANK YOU!

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AJ Shepherd
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Jun 2017
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