So basically I'm short

30 year old woman, avid reader, anti bullshit, love movies, music and video games. My philosophy is as long as your not hurting anyone I don't care... Oh and leave my fucking books alone thank you! Praise Kek🐸

Welcome to my Mind. I am a 30 year old autistic guy, with other disabilities as well. I love tabletop games, especially card games. I am also an atheist and very open to talk about anything. My favorite game right now is EPIC by White Wizard Games. I will be posting all kinds of content from every portion of my life. You can also follow me on Facebook with the link below.

Honor, Duty, Family, Faith, County and Tradition. These are the Principles I've Lived by. These Lessons My Father Taught Me As I Taught My Son. Never Compromise Your Values For Anyone Or Anything. Please, It's Not Necessary To Send Me Anything, I'm Here For The (((Patriots))) And Love Of My Country☝️ Carpe Diem ⚔️🇺🇸🇨🇱⚔️ Semper Fidelis ⭐ #QAnon #QArmy #MAGA #KAG2020 #TheGreatAwakening

College Student in Games Development (Graduated). Warhammer enthusiast. Living in the 12th millennia. Centrist

Head spinning in a caffeinated fugue, Kevin Bennett once found himself shredding down a Martian ski slope with a thousand irate Nephilim howling in his wake. On the way, he rescued twenty damsels, had lunch, and fully calculated Pi. In close company, he goes by “Bennett,” but he moonlights as an accordion-bearing comedian with an eye-patch and a beret, who goes by “French Accent.” He entertains any crowd, be it young, old, clean or "adult". His technique involves regular crowd participation and a musical element with no contemporary parallel. He also has two novels out, "Amphibian" and "The Thief And The Sacrifice"; which lost its first publisher and is looking for a second. For a limited time only, it's available for free online through a link listed on this page. Additionally, you can find his album "Between Dystopias" available through Apple Music. Check it out. He's also a content writer because that pays the bills. And he's single. Ladies. Only ladies. (It's 2017; gotta put the clarifier on these days.)

Actually, not a French but still a Critic.

I'm an Anti-SJW and a sceptic with autism that enjoys posting things about Feminism, SJWs and PC culture in general, mostly comical stuff. My political leaning goes something like this. In Sweden i'm a fascist and in America i'm a communist, what am i? I'm also not to fond of Islam. Oh who am i kidding, i hate islam with a passion.

I am an upcoming creative writer, who leans toward conservative libertarianism. My goal on here is to work on content that pertains this interest, even if it is argumentative writing. Currently, I am writing my first novel, which is forthcoming. I will be uploading short stories on here and I will be sending some to various publishers. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. :) :) :)

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