After all, we are all, one species. We can find common ground, outside the narratives.

We must regulate ourselves so that the state doesn't have to.

I am not referring to my adversaries as legal authority figures under western law it's simply an indicator of enemy adversaries like criminals, terrorist, radicals, rebels and NGO's. Hopefully that clarifies any confusion that other parties might have if they see me use the word adversary in a sentence.

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#streetart #popart #graff #collage #paste #pochoir #stencil & #spray! only my 馃摳 from my馃摫.馃懟 : pourlipou / twitt : fastertagueur / insta : nirin_da_house or nirin_da_street

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It's a dog-eat-dog world, and from where I sit, there just ain't enough damn dogs!

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Constitutional Nationalist

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Capitalism doesn't need socialism to function.

Truth Seeker, Free Thinker, Nonconformist, Carpenter I love my wife @julieanna354 and my kids, and I question EVERYTHING! Ive been called many things standing up for or against what i believe to be right or wrong but at the end of the day i sleep fucking great. I've done my own research. Do not ask me to change your mind or try and explain why I've reached my conclusion. Sad i have to say this but i find pedophilia fucking disgusting and yes if i see it i will report it. Cartoons do count. I am all for freedom of speech but free speech does not include - anything to do with sexualizing children I dont find humor in racist comments or remarks. If you cant see past skin color you are still blindly following what THEY want. People make their own decisions and need to then take responsibility for said decisions.

Feb 2017
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