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What Is #MTCG (Adding the Ecosystem To Metamask) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingMay 30, 2022, 11:26:31 PM

Hey welcome back to another blog, in this blog we're going to go over our community token MTCG (again), where to trade it, what it's used for, and how to earn or claim tokens in our ecosystem. 

What is MTCG?

MTCG is a community ecosystem where creators create tokens they can use for projects, investments, crowdfunding, activities, exclusive content and more. 

The main ecosystem token (MTCG) is hosted on the Ethereum Mainnet and on-chain ecosystem tokens on the Mintme block-chain. To add Mintme to your metamask click the  Ethereum Mainnet  drop-down and select  "Add Network", once taken to the page the network protocols are:

Network name = MINTME
New RPC URL = https://node1.mintme.com
ChainID = 24734
Symbol = MINTME
Block Explorer URL = https://www.mintme.com/explorer

All MTCG ecosystem tokens can traded for mintme that is worth a large range of other cryptos like ETH, BNB, BTC, USDC as well as our house token MTCG, with direct pairs coming for major coins down the line. 

What's The Point? 

The idea is to create an independent rewards for our community based off your favorite content creators. Its an easy way for creators to gain support with direct funding through cryptocurrency as well as reward long time supporters of your content. 

What Are The Benefits?


Many benefits come from hosting your own token like becoming independent, but in general it's great way to start getting involved in cryptocurrency and learning about the benefits yourself. If you want examples check out some of our other blogs listed at the bottom of this. 

Whats The Cost?

We started this idea over a year ago now, we promoted many free ways to get involved in the platform at the ground level we even offered to pay launching fees to the block-chain at one point, however the platform is moving out of the ground level so to get involved you will need to start slow and work your way up with block-chain tokens that are offering free tokens via an airdrop, then trade your way up to avoid putting money into the platform. We also have community activities for rewards in our groups for creators to earn rewards for creating content. 

Whats The Future?

We are still waiting for the trader to start hosting NFT stores and direct pairs for our tokens, when this comes you will be able to buy MTCG collector cards from us as well as tons of other content like exclusive music, games, services, and much more from creators in our ecosystem. 


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