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#MindsGaming #Rewards Activity

#MindsGamingMar 4, 2022, 9:44:23 PM

Over the last few months our community and supporters have created our own rewards system for #MindsGaming. Community members who participate can now earn our community ecosystem tokens.

In this blog we are going to go over the easiest way to join, participate, and launch your own project to reward users in our ecosystem tokens.


To participate in our ecosystem rewards you will need a wallet to claim the rewards. Currently the only major trader for our ecosystem token is MintMe so we recommend using the integrated wallet for the trader. You can also just provide your MetaMask wallet if you are willing to pay transfer fees after receiving the token.

The easiest way to get a receiver address with MintMe is to participate in an airdrop from one of our ecosystem tokens like GAMER.

Activities & Contests

Activity and contests are run by investors of MTCG within our community groups on Minds.com. Any investor who holds 100 MTCG (or more) can create a proposal to run an activity or contest inside our community groups for ecosystem tokens. Ecosystem members who own tokens may start a contest or activity at anytime, inside or outside our community groups for their token. Reach out to a group moderator for the next contest or activity.


Community users who have a rewards wallet can also mine ecosystem tokens on our community website by just hanging out in our virtual hubs or playing games. We plan to expand our virtual spaces to provide portals to NFT stores and other content in the future.


As always and for years, our community and groups are open and moderated by members and supporters of our community and reward users for original content uploaded in our community. If you are a long time supporter or moderator not involved in our new community ecosystem please personally reach out to me on Minds chat with your rewards wallet.


Thanks as always for supporting our little community and helping it grow. Keep helping us grow and expand the culture, always feel free to ask us questions and get involved with our community in some way! We are glad you are here and want to help you grow and get involved!


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