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#MindsGaming Blockchain Rewards (Virtual Hangout)

#MindsGamingDec 30, 2021, 6:38:04 PM

 Happy New Year! Our virtual hangouts are here!   Earn blockchain rewards for just hanging out and playing games in our new virtual hub!   



- Chat 

You can talk to others via your mic or the chatbox!   

- Place Objects  

Place your favorite objects, NFTs, and more for others to see in the hub! 

- Build  

You can build your own room for users to hangout in and link it or add it as a portal in the virtual space.   

- Watch Videos 

Watch videos, tubes and more with others in the theater room.   

- Play Games 

 Find games to play from the hub or in classic mode.  

- Rewards

You are rewarded for your time in blockchain tokens created by users in our community you can trade for other assets!

   Coming Soon

- Easter Eggs 

 Small items you find inside the hub.  

 - Xtra Points 

Xtra reward for winning games.  



We used available free use, open source technology to create our main virtual hangout called Mozilla Hubs.  

 - Rewards Scripting

All reward scripting for calculating time played and reward claims was built from scratch and are tested by users and peer reviewable.   

- Games  

Currently some games are hand built while others are free use or open source games. Non handbuilt games will slowly be replaced with hand built games. We are always looking for game builders.  

 - Open Source 

Our MTCG website is open source and easily remixed (cloned) on glitch. 


- Just Let Me Mine 

We have created an easy to use minymine that updates with our site but still allows your script for mining!


- Bugs 

We just changed over to our virtual spaces and working on classic mode and games. Some bugs are bound to happen and be found. Just let us know, we update our ecosystem on bugs and development frequently.

Try It 🤩

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