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#MTCG Token Economics Basics ( #MindsGaming)

#MindsGamingAug 16, 2021, 6:08:46 PM

Welcome to another token blog, only this time its about our little community token and not MINDS.

That’s right we have created and launched our community token on the ethereum blockchain!

In this blog we will go over the benefits of having your own token, how to create a token yourself and how to join our ecosystem. We will also go over some of our plans with our token as we move forward on the blockchain. 

Benefits Of Having Your Own Token.

Creating your own token creates a path for your financial future and enables supporters to invest in you, your content or projects in general. If you’re not a creator it allows an innovative way to crowdfund yourself through trading cryptocurrency assets. 

Many new users to the cryptocurrency arena struggle finding a way to really get invested in cryptocurrency, although the path to financial freedom can be long and can take hard work and dedication creating your own token is a great first step. 

How To Create A Token

If you’re interested in creating a token and starting your path to financial freedom our community has created a token ecosystem that you can join. Our ecosystem gives you the resources to mine for cryptocurrency and maintain your token creation and transfer fees, all while supporting our community token.

How It Works

Joining with our referral supports our community token. 

We have created a easy, and free remixable project for you to mine cryptocurrency to maintain your token creation.

Once you have created a miner use the mined crypto to buy other assets or raise your token price.

You can also just save the mined crypto to launch on a few blockchains like ethereum. 

  • Swap & Liquidity

You can also use the mined crypto to trade in for ETH, BTC, ETH, USDC, BNB, or MTCG.

We of course recommend trading in for our blockchain token of course as once onchain you can swap it for MINDS or other tokens on Uniswap.

Plans & Future 

We have lots of plans and ideas for our token, from our card game to video game that will reward users for playing the games, contributing to the project and so much more. Currently our main focus is starting our liquidity pool. This will allow for a good swap with MINDS. You can help us build our liquidity pool buy buying our token with ETH or if you already own our token just withdrawal and add them to our liquidity pool on Uniswap.


Adding To Uniswap

Once you have withdrawn your token to your onchain navigate over to our Uniswap Pool


We plan to add liquidity our self in September, so now is a good time to get ahead of the curve.



The support of our little community token has really blown me away, from starting only a few months ago building the idea for the ecosystem to launching on the ethereum bloackchain is an amazing accomplishment. We couldn’t have done it without everyone that has worked with us building and creating this our ecosystem and supported the project and token. I hope to see each one of you on the blockchain as soon as possible.


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