•?((¯°·._.• Ќɲ๏ώℓ€ďǥ€ ɨ$ ρ๏ώ€я •._.·°¯))؟ We come from different walks of life and here we are sharing the information we want to spread to each other. Freedom of speech is a Right we have taken for granted on the internet with authoritarian Governments restricting our access to websites that inform the general public of the truth and with unbiased and unfiltered information being a right within a click of a button it shouldn't be anyone's right to restrict us access from this information. We all came here with the same mindset of adopting a new & alternative method to communicate and share information that wont be blocked by some algorithm. Anarchist + Pagan
Mindfulness practitioner, MC, Broadcasting, Speaker Mindfulness and Motivation in English and Korean! Thanks for visiting my page~ Stay a while and explore, and feel free to drop me a message. See you soon!
I couldnt access my other account so I made a new one. Daniel Romano here. Director, Producer, Black Belt, Choreographer, Stunt Man, Martial Artist you name it I do it. Im also single so if any woman are interested hit me up. Im also pro Trump. If you like my work feel free to subscribe. Thank you.
Narodowiec,Wolnościowiec,Ateista, Filokatolik, Za Życiem.
I'm a centrist tech user with a concern for everybody's freedoms including my own.
East Asia and the evolution of consciousness are my main passions.
Jan 2017
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