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Great Stories To Read For FREE - Courtesy of the Minds Writers' Community

ME2007VigilJan 20, 2019, 5:02:04 AM

Minds is such a great platform for posting works of fiction. I think it's way better than Wattpad, a platform dedicated solely to hosting indie author stories. Why? Because Minds allows us to earn tokens to boost our work! Step aside, Wattpad. Minds is the platform to be if you're an indie author.

For all those fiction lovers out there looking to discover the next big-hit, look no further. I've compiled a list of stories that you can read for FREE here on Minds, courtesy of the ever-growing and vibrant writers' community on this platform. The following stories range from full-sized novels to one-page shorts. Some stories are complete, others ongoing, and a few are sample chapters of books available on other platforms. Check them out!  

If you're on this list, that means you are an author on Minds who has posted at least some of your works of fiction on this platform for FREE (and not behind a token paywall). 


Michael E. Vigil

Ah, how nice it is to grab a book and read by the fireplace

Link to Red Eden: Homeworld Bound (full novel) By @ME2007Vigil

Link to Saving Ever After (full novella) By @ME2007Vigil

Link to One Man's Treasure By @Butonfly

Link to Squib (ongoing series) By @Butonfly

Link to Year of the Bear (ongoing series) By @Butonfly

Link to GateKeepers Short Stories By @RhetoricalHypothetical

Link to The End of US (Full novel, check the channel sidebar) By @Netjr

Link to Nightmarish Reality (Check the channel sidebar, full novel on Amazon) By @BadassRho

Link to Starshatter Short Stories (Check the blog section for more shorts) By @Aragmar

Link to 51st Friday Fireplace Tales: A Tale of Childhood (Check blog section for more shorts) By @TheGarbageMan

Link to Running From Salen Chapter 1 (Full Novel on Amazon) By @Cj573

Link to Betrayal (See blog section for more shorts) By @KingDarkhart

Link to Human Reclamation By @AnotherWriter

Link to The Shalafae Archives By @ravencorinn

Link to Outbreak Chapter One By @robertvandusen

Link to Emissary By @allandavisjr

Link to The Naked Never By @allandavisjr

Link to The Badlands Saga By @Skullcollector479

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