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The Year Of The Bear - Introduction/Directory

ButonflySep 25, 2018, 1:25:51 AM

The Year Of The Bear

A Work Of Episodic Fiction

Carmel, Wilderman from the Roving Hamlets. After plague finds its way amongst his people he is forced to leave home in search of help.When luck brings him into contact with The Bears, a group of Rugged Northern Folk with similar troubles, he suddenly finds himself on an agreeable path. But where that path is leading him and what truth lies at the heart of the plague are quickly appearing more sinister than first imagined.

Julia Boot, Professed Chronicler who can’t seem to find the wonder in which life was said to be teeming. Finding herself stranded in the town of Ipswitch, she is witness to a series of dramatic events that draw her from her stupor. Driven by curiosity, and loyalty to her task, she finds herself prey to a maul of Bears. But what can one refined girl from the midland kingdoms offer such a rugged group of individuals? It better be something, for her sake.

‘I am continually impressed at how well written your prose is. It's the best that I've read so far among us indie authors.’

~ @ME2007Vigil

‘Your dialogue is always so refreshingly good and natural.’

~ @TheGarbageMan

Enter The Year Of The Bear. Where old powers are stirring, Individuals are set to rise, and everything not nailed down is in danger of being taken away.

In the bear calendar, every year is the year of the bear.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
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