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Squib - Introduction/Directory

ButonflySep 18, 2018, 12:30:43 AM


A Work Of Episodic Fiction

Squib, last remaining goblin of his tribe, on a secret mission of deep personal interest. After a deal gone wrong he’s left a prisoner of circumstance. With questionable allies, and no one to trust, the world seems to have it in for Squib. Unless Squib has it in for the world first.

Two Bandana Anna, Maiden become Mercenary, is the youngest of three. Cursed with an ancient secret, she’s on a quest of discovery. But what meaning lies at the heart remains ever shrouded. Her only hope is that her sisters, Annie Getchurgun, and Twelve Gauge Jules, remain at her side.

Herule, Lizardman Warrior of the Bluescale Tribe, has bitten off more than he can chew. Captured during a fight gone wrong and forced into slavery, it’s a wonder how his tremendous might could have ever failed him. But could it actually be his salvation?

‘I am continually impressed at how well written your prose is. It's the best that I've read so far among us indie authors.’

~ @ME2007Vigil

‘Your dialogue is always so refreshingly good and natural.’

~ @TheGarbageMan

Enter the swamp of Silkwood where three lives are about to enter the mud and blood of one of Theon Worlds longest forgotten fringes. But what drew these individuals forth from their lot, and what lies beneath the murky surface of the Silkwood?


Episode 1 - Squib
Episode 2 - The Mercenary Three
Episode 3 - Herule
Episode 4 - Dungeon Woes
Episode 5 - Schemes
Episode 6 - The Speaker Of Tongues
Episode 7 - Murky Paths
Episode 8 - By Fate Or By Luck
Episode 9 - Bleak Prospects
Episode 10 - Estranged Relief
Episode 11 - Descent
Episode 12 - Important Distinctions
Episode 13 - What Two Handfuls Are Worth
Episode 14 - Base Instincts
Episode 15 - The Shanking
Episode 16 - Bare Backed
Episode 17 - Oomeed
Episode 18 - True Freedom
Episode 19 - Nightmare Of Nightmares
Episode 20 - Small Gestures
Episode 21 - Three For Dinner
Episode 22 - Lizard Roast
Episode 23 - Squibbed In Translation
Episode 24 - The Witches Want
Episode 25 - Painful Imagery
Episode 26 - The Witch's Decree
Episode 27 - The Old Spirit
Episode 28 - Pock Island
Episode 29 - Primitive Aspects
Episode 30 - Swamp Rot
Episode 31 - Walk Like A Goblin
Episode 32 - Dead-Un Things
Episode 33 - Corruption
Episode 34 - Sanctuary
Episode 35 - The Ancient One
Episode 36 - Submission
Episode 37 - Pup Dream
Episode 38 - Authority
Epidode 39 - The Planting Of Seeds

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