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Red Eden: Homeworld Bound | Table of Content

ME2007VigilNov 25, 2018, 11:22:17 PM

In the year 2085, Enon Truss, Father of Mars, led our ancestors to the red planet in pursuit of liberty. One hundred years after the Exodus, Martian satellites detected multiple nuclear detonations across the homeworld. For the first time since dawn of the twentieth century, Earth fell into total radio silence.

But on Mars, our ancestors endured. They thrived.

Today, two hundred years after the Exodus, our population is eleven million strong and growing. We stand ready to retake our homeworld. In preparation for our journey across deep space, we have sent drones to monitor Earth. To our surprise, we have discovered that human society has re-emerged from the ashes of nuclear war. These societies are in the earliest stages of development. It is as if time has been set back five thousand years.

My name is Jack Hanlon, and I'll be joining the First Expedition. Our mission: to rebuild human civilization and lead humanity to the stars.

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Chapter 1: Meet'n'Greet

Chapter 2: Mother of Lies

Chapter 3: Dark Side of The Earth

Chapter 4: First Contact War

Chapter 5: Ghosts of Iceland

Chapter 6: Friend or Foe

Chapter 7: Death of an Enterprise

Chapter 8: Children of Eden

Chapter 9: Sons of Mars

Chapter 10: Rick-bombed

Chapter 11: Mars Boys

Chapter 12: Manifest Destiny

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The Mother of Lies  

Das Unterschloss

The Runit

The Eden Project

Mars Boys Militia

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