Earth citizen, galactic inhabitant, fallen king yet R.I.C.H (Rex Imperator Causa Honoris) and recycled scientist, impacting the world and the entire universe starting with French Guiana

Knowledge is Free, We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not Forgive, We do not Forget, Expect Us! Trusted Channels: @govspiders @anonymity @ottman //This channel is merely the thoughts, opinions, ideas, and suggestions of the ones running it. We will share information, post questions, and indulge in some discussions. This channel is not an "official" Anonymous channel, we are not leaders, you do not "join" us, and we do not control nor give orders. As none of that is possible and we have no interest in it. We are just few amongst millions who support Anonymous and fellow Anons. Thank you!\\

I am an Experienced Explorer of many dimensions and a vagabond artist inspired to activate others through my images and performance art. I am on a dedicated path of spiritual and interpersonal upliftment and enrichment focused on universal healing and ascension. My passion is to create and share my perspective of the infinite self with her human family and to learn from all the reflections I see in the eyes of other beings. http://www.tribeofawakeningsovereignty.com/

I represent the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty. We are a Global Network of Warriors, Healers, Builders and Engineers choosing to unify our people to rise up over tyranny, scarcity and suffering. We are One, We are Love, We are World-Wide Love Revolution! http://www.tribeofawakeningsovereignty.com/

I am one of the Founders of the ASC. http://asc.ai/info/ The Awakening Sovereignty Collective is a modular, replicable, infinitely expansive system of cooperative governance and resource distribution; utilizing blockchain super-computing to nullify the need for lawyers, representatives and accountants. Our structure allows for any number of organizations and individuals to come together as SOVEREIGN entities and share resources, tools and knowledge in a way that synergistically uplifts every member of the collaboration by multiplicatively earning and sharing value. ​We build communities, grow gardens and food forests, engineer advanced political and environmental solutions, create then distribute high quality media experiences, and connect people to products and services ​that empower complete independence and enlightened states of being. Together, we are creating and empowering solutions for every challenge we face as the human race.

Exposing The Lie Is Not The Same As Seeing The Truth

Jul 2015
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