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Animation Director & Visual Artist. Co Host: Lev and Jules Break the Rules http://bit.ly/levandjules National Arts Club Art&Tech Chair. Buy my Crypto Cards! https://www.levcards.com/
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Minds Founding Member 2017 S'hauni Waterdragon Retired, Living the Dream, Writing the Great American Pagan Novel #DoNotDisturb I have #DragonEnergy I DECLARE WORLD PEACE #IDWP http://www.ideclareworldpeace.com/ Sweet Waterdragon Banana Muffinettes DO NOT MEDDLE IN THE AFFAIRS OF DRAGONS BECAUSE ITS RUDE THEY HAVE STUFF GOING ON ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS
Cartoons by Marc M.
as above, so below http://www.julesphamilton.com/ Fallibilist Libertarian Atheist Transhumanist Agnostic / Pagan / Chaos Magick free-market capitalism anarchy
Genome Studios is an infant entertainment media production company specializing in Interactive Web development, animation, comics and game development. Our flagship project is currently the "Some Peoples Kids" series freely accessible at: http://getrich.genomestudios.ca We're also developing an arena combat board game, freely playable here: http://gladiators.genomestudios.ca Come follow us as we develop and grow as a company and provide incredibly unique experiences and entertainment! Want to be more involved? Give your support? Check out our Patreon for Get Rich: https://www.patreon.com/getrichseries All purchases, contributions and patronage will be invested into making ALL Genome Studios projects free for all and without ads.
Owner of Living On High Vibe
Hey There Friends! my name is Kasper Crunch and I am looking to help my little channel grow. I play games, make music. paint.all sorts of stuff. if you would like to drop in and watch sometime please join me! I play indie games, platformers, and retro games!. I hope to see you there. also before I go, if would like to help support my little YouTube channel. you can subscribe and help it grow. together you and me! we can help build and develop something awesome! 🎥Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvq678t0YthLB9bqh5uO5yg 🔴vidme https://vid.me/Kasper_Crunch 🎶Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/kasperkrunch
My interests includes cooking, reading,crafts,dogs,and cartoons. I love God, Family,& Country
New York
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Aug 2017
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