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Founding Member of #OurRevolution WSFV  California Single Payer SB 562, AB 14, DISCLOSE Act Progressive / Socialist, Atheist / Anti-theist, Zero Fucks Given

Amal Hicham has proofs that people in position of authority in Canada have done actions against the law. After she spoke to the authorities, and after she wanted to talk to the press, illegal actions were done against her. False informations were said against her. Amal Hicham was expelled from her own home, and separated from her children. Help Amal Hicham in her fight for justice, and support her so that she can retrieve her children. Please share her story on all the platforms possible, in order that what happened is known, and in order that the Canadian authorities act,

24 year old music producer (produces hip-hop/trip-hop/liquid drum-n-bass) from brighton, england. other areas of interest: martial arts, activism, ancient history & science

German philosopher and founder of the Order of the Illuminati, a secret society.

This channel isn't for the meek of heart. Hell, I can hardly bare it. There isn't anything cute or artistic. No flashy GIFS. Nothing of me. While the content of my channel might give away some of who I am, it isn't opinions I am sharing or expressing. I am disseminating information about the grave injustices being committed against the people and the earth we share. This is the news we do not get on any of our 24/7 news cycles. This is the important stuff. This is the gut wrenching stuff that is really hard to know. Creating a bio is one of the hardest jobs of being an activist! I went to uni at Fordham Bronx campus. There I did community organizing in the South Bronx. From there I worked on an American Indian Reservation for 6 years, until it was obvious the US was going to go to war on Iraq. I traveled to Iraq to be a witness to the brutality of 11 years of sanctions which culminated in "Shock and Awe" and the ensuing Occupation. Returned home to raise awareness, then spent 7 years traveling to Palestine, recording and non-violently intervening in the massive human rights violations perpetuated on the Palestinians by the Zionist state of Israel. Israel has now banned me from entering so I continue to assist others who are carrying on this work with an organization called International Women's Peace Service. Currently my husband is dealing with lung cancer,and I am essentially homebound. Right now, if it was not essential and proper to be home for my husband, I would be in North Dakota! And, I am an anarchist, and before you think this means I am violent, please know I am a pacifist. The 2 are not incompatible. I live in the backwoods of West-Central Florida. Thanks for listening to my story.

An ex-dancer turned activist after 9/11

Sep 2016
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