No victim ,no crime! End the war on personal freedom ! End #slavelife I am not a greedy man, I just want everyone to live free. Freedom for all !!! uniting for a common good. having fun and staying up to date. and yes hash and nugs.

Just a poor boy scattered to the winds from his home of Ireland, long ago...descended from Milesius and Scota( Granddaughter of Akhenaten Moses and Nefertiti, daughter of Aaron and Merytaten) and Heremon (Son of Milesius and Scota) and Tea Tephi (Daughter of Zedekiah) the Red Lion of Judah. The 'Norman' side is just a buncha blokes from Mount Hermon...a lowly and humble knight, one of legions, that serve the true King, John the Third. Happy friends, Let us go to Suffering. May the Metatron guide my blade...So Mote it Be.

Enjoys history, afternoon tea, pets, and yoga. Polyglot and aspiring linguist. German is my love language. Anti-Left. Find me also on Vero: https://www.vero.co/lolajo

Former CEO of Cannabis Social Club Denmark. Activis. Freelance community manager. Crypto currency investor, every link here help my out a little please use them it will cost you nothing.. I'm also on LBRY join here https://bit.ly/2CbSpve mobile wallets keep your crypto safe with trust wallet https://share.trustwallet.com/e0sC8gJlP or Atomic wallet also open source https://atomicwallet.io/?kid=15KZT9 safest keep your crypto safe buy a hardware wallet  https://www.ledger.com?r=243fad30806a My website www.danishcrypto.dk

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I am a libertarian minded person who seeks information on various topics, either through research, conversation, or debate. I share what I know even if it's not popular information. Any of my content I put out will remain available to all to view. I am typically not a fan of locking content, so if you do wish to have a membership to my page, it is because you are generous, and not because you are expecting exclusivity.

"Those who do not take a stand against evil will in the end be over come by it, those who tolerate evil in their midst will eventually tolerate evil in their hearts, those who are silent before evil will in the end be silenced by evil." Yeup, sooner or later the people in this country are going to realize the government doesn't give a fuck about them. the government doesn't care about you, or your children, or your rights, or your welfare or your safety. it simply doesn't give a fuck about you. It's interested in it's own power. That's the only thing...keeping it, and expanding wherever possible. GEORGE CARLIN Most people upon this planet know nothing about how this world is actually run. They are programed from birth by their parents (who have also gone through the brainwashing), the education (indoctrination) system, the medical system, the government (control of the mind) system, religion and the mainstream media (the propaganda wing of the government). It's all social engineering. To build a society who will willingly give up their Rights and allow a psychopathic ruling class to keep them enslaved. Bloody pathetic - when one knows the TRUTH !!! "In order to awaken, first of all one must realize that one is in a state of sleep. And in order to realize that one is indeed in a state of sleep, one must recognize and fully understand the nature of the forces which operate to keep one in the state of sleep, or hypnosis. It is absurd to think that this can be done by seeking information from the very source which induces the hypnosis. ....One thing alone is certain, that man's slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man." ~G.I. Gurdjieff  "Most people, even though they don’t know it, are asleep. They’re born asleep, they live asleep, they marry in their sleep, they breed children in their sleep, they die in their sleep without ever waking up. They never understand the loveliness and the beauty of this thing we call human existence."

Father. Husband. Gamer. | Twitch Streamer & Social Commentator | Creator Code: S1LVERFOX | https://linktr.ee/s1lverFoX

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” — Sun Tzu https://youtu.be/kWAXzgpo8eg https://www.minds.com/Maatstream/images https://www.discoverthenetworks.org/ Also on MeWe : https://mewe.com/i/maatstreammw Sneakily (and ironically) removed from my "Images" in July 2019 : https://www.minds.com/media/886763814335840256 — | • ➤ «  »

Biologist, philosopher, Voluntaryist, economist (Austrian-school), futurist, crypto investor, news analyst.

Apr 2017
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