global communist takeover wake up

Zionist Global communist takeover wake up

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Indipendant Truth seaker and journalist. I am a conscious, incarnate aspect of the creator of all existence, born into this duality of love and fear! and I recognize you as the same! I choose love and forgiveness OVER fear and hate ! If we each plant a seed the garden will grow again ! love and light !

citizen of the world. seek: Time path: Traveler Made- in image of God. Do: my best to do Good Milit盲rpolis

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that

My page is not for the faint of heart, but then again, neither is the truth. I'm just a dude trying to figure everything out who likes sharing with other like-minded individuals. I don't belong to any party or group since I've realized... It's all 1 organization. But the democrats are trying to be the bane of freedom. Once you realize what your dissonance feels like, you have a powerful tool. Don't shy away from it, dive in. ;) Goodluck. P.S. Feel free to meme anything that I say, IDGAF, I don't make memes, it's all stolen. Maybe eventually I'll get along well enough with Linux... just do it! ;)

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Jul 2019
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