Yup I am here to fight for my freedom of expression and yours ,migrated from googleplus and utube(still present there,for now). Let's have even more fun here shall we ??? Truly free from censorship,I'm ready for it !!:) Are you?!! (may add more to this if i need to) cheers!!

Too logical for the left, too sane for the right.

ᚠᚢᚱᛁ:ᚨᛁᛉᛁᛃᛟ:ᚠᚢᚱᚨᚠᚨᛞᚱᚢᚾᛉ:ᛗᛁᚾᚨᛉ ᛏᛁᛚ:ᚹᚨᚱᛃᚨᚾᚨ:ᚻᚨᛁᛗᚨᛚᚨᚾᛞᚨᛁ:ᚢᚾᛊᛖᚱᚨᛉ:ᚨᚢᚲ:ᚦᛖᚢᛞᛟ ᛖᚲ:ᛊᚲᚨᛚ:ᛒᛖᚱᚨᚾᚨᚾ:ᛊᚹᛖᚱᛞᚨ ᛖᚲ:ᛊᚲᚨᛚ:ᚱᚨᛁᛉᛁᛃᛟ:ᛊᚲᛖᛚᛞᚢ Christian Anti-Authoritarian Anti-Anarchy Classical Liberal Classical Progressive Political Compass Position: (-4 X, -6 Y) spekr Test position: (0 X, -69 Y)

Asshole yokai. lover of food and drinking. I speak my mind about things. I like to help others when I can. Masters in Burrito Engineering.

Who am I? I am a member of the fast growing un-silent majority that is sick of the insanity that’s been going on in this country for far too long. What insanity am I referring to? Where should I begin? To start with, what ever happened to common sense in this country? When did the American population become so ignorant that they believe almost anything they hear from their favorite politician or talking heads in the media without first doing an ounce of due diligence? When was a constitutional amendment passed that says people now have the “right” not to be “offended…” ever… by anyone or anything? Furthermore, when people do get “offended” by something, when did their right to “peaceably assemble” and protest, become a right to riot, or cause harm to others? Whatever happened to, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch?” When did equal opportunity morph into equal results? When did it become the “in” thing for everyone to be a “victim” of something? When did personal accountability cease to matter? When did it start to make sense that as a nation, we could spend our way out of being bankrupt? Today, more and more “real news” is being labeled “fake news” as part of a larger agenda on the part of both the mainstream media, and their accomplices in social media. You know what's really disturbing? When did we reach a point in American society when someone who merely questions the statements of known liars is branded with a scarlet letter, and labeled a “conspiracy theorist?” My name is Michael DePinto. I am “The Voice of Reason” at The Last Great Stand, and I am also an Attorney. Do I think I have all the answers to the issues I either write or talk about? No, of course not. In fact, I would venture to say I have far less answers than I have questions. The only thing I claim to know with 100% certainty, is that the very institutions Americans “should” be able to rely on for critical and important news, rarely ever tell the truth anymore… ever! It’s not that the mainstream media lies about every single story they report on, but they almost never convey anything remotely resembling the entire truth on much either. What concerns me most, and why I’ve decided to speak out, is that nowhere near enough other people in this country are asking tough questions about some of the nonsense that comes from either the woefully corrupt and dishonest mainstream media, or from politicians in Washington. For the record, let’s be clear; so much of what is communicated to “We the People” by the very institutions Americans have every reason to expect the truth from, is total, complete, and utter nonsense. Nonsense! Countless studies have shown that confidence in the mainstream media is at an all-time low right now, but it’s not enough for people to know the media is not trustworthy. Why? Because for many people, the mainstream media’s version of a story is the only version they ever hear. Thanks to Wikileaks, during the 2016 presidential election many of the long-standing suspicions about collusion between Democrats and the mainstream media were 100% vindicated. Much of what was once labeled as “conspiracy theory,” is now documented “conspiracy fact,” but leave it to the mainstream media to never let a few facts get in the way of their otherwise perfectly pre-written narratives. Rather than try to win back the confidence of the American people, the mainstream media has decided to “double down,” and for the most part they make very little effort to hide their liberal bias these days. It’s alarming how many Americans are of the mistaken belief that President Trump can solve many of the problems that plague this country. The condition is sometimes jokingly referred to as "Trumphoria." Regardless of how much I support Donald Trump, the idea that he can solve all this country's problems is more total nonsense! Are things going to get “better” in America under a President Trump than under another corrupt President Clinton, or even any of the other 16 GOP candidates Donald Trump ran against during the primaries? Without a doubt they will, however “better” is a relative term. Because academia and the mainstream media have both become institutions that are almost exclusively controlled by the far-left liberal ideology, there are are far too many major issues that aren’t even being discussed by any Americans, much less debated. As I said earlier, do I claim that to have all the answers? No, of course not. Will I be wrong at times? Without a doubt! I am just one man, and I don’t have anywhere near the resources that the mainstream media has at its disposal, so it’s important not to miss the forest through the trees. Some people will insist on focusing on the one part of any given story I may get wrong, while completely glossing over ten other things that are not only spot on, but are also absurdly alarming. My goal is to shine a light on many of the issues that the mainstream media is guaranteed not to report on, and I hope to

Author, Ghostwriter, Cognitive Scientist "I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself." - Oscar Wilde Ars gratia humanitas

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I'm an Anti-SJW and a sceptic with autism that enjoys posting things about Feminism, SJWs and PC culture in general, mostly comical stuff. My political leaning goes something like this. In Sweden i'm a fascist and in America i'm a communist, what am i? I'm also not to fond of Islam. Oh who am i kidding, i hate islam with a passion.

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