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Surrounded by educated idiots **You know the side who's wrong by the side who has to lie** 


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Free-speech enthusiast, anti-authoritarian, humanist. Centrist leaning to the left that ends up following mostly people of the right because the left has completely lost their minds. I am romanian / french-canadian and this is my 3rd language, so bear with me please! I believe that people should be treated and judged based on their content and actions, not based on labels and categories. If you stoop as low as "the enemy". It makes you one & the same. ♦ Please go check out my brand new youtube channel and first youtube video ever! It's kind of a big deal for me, so any support is extremely appreciated! ♦ No need to become a patreon but please follow me on patreon! That's super helpful, I found out recently! Free as well! ♦ p.s.... #dota2

'Clown World Chronicles' is the book about life as a primate in the 21st Century. Get it here: Our interests: Esoteric alchemy Alternative psychology Psychedelia The world beyond Suppressed political philosophy Hidden history, and more!

So I've been gone for awhile and now I'm back. I decided to start making music so that is what I will be uploading. Lots of Rap Instrumentals for instant leasing or exclusive purchase! Check out my beatstore here:

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Enlightened! I can help you become enlightened too! namaste

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You'll find that i appear disfunctional according to the norm of socalled functional society. It just who i am no immitation, no falseness, no selfishness and am at peace with all. I will add something which appears as not normal but to me its everything part of the equilibrium of everything in existence. We are all but one of a bigger whole. Peace be with you all. Anything i post you can do with it what you want.

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