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Surrounded by educated idiots **You know the side who's wrong by the side who has to lie** 


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Subscribe for interesting factual articles and stories you may have missed. I try to stay as objective and real as I can. I have a deductive mind so thought I would try to put some thoughts down. I am a root causer, structure analyst. I look at most issues today as being derived from the poor socioeconomic system in which we operate.

18+ My channel contains explicit content. Thanks for all donations last year. <3

😆 This shit is Ridiculously Wrong! 😆 🔥 WARNING: Highly Offensive Content 🔥 🔥 NSFCucks or pussy bitches 🔥 -------------------------------------------------------------- 🎬 Episode 1 has been released! 🎬 In it Damon & Jake discuss the ladies, their silly ♀️feminist movement and the 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ agenda 👂 hear it now @: ------------------------------------------------------------- 💰💵💵💵💵💰 To help support us in the fight for 🙊free speech please donate to our Patreon: ------------------------------------------------------------- 👨‍💻Follow us on social media!👨‍💻 chat Live @ ----------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to our affiliate accounts:

Enlightened! I can help you become enlightened too! namaste

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You'll find that i appear disfunctional according to the norm of socalled functional society. It just who i am no immitation, no falseness, no selfishness and am at peace with all. I will add something which appears as not normal but to me its everything part of the equilibrium of everything in existence. We are all but one of a bigger whole. Peace be with you all. Anything i post you can do with it what you want.

BEE HEE COME! Bear Skull is a mystic musical performance. Altered states, meditation, and spiritual evocations are key elements to the production of our craft. We not only aspire to be a driving, positive force on this platform, but also spread the word from God(s). Formed 2008 We will attempt to return likes. We also try our best to return reminds, though we prioritize sharing original content and/or posts. Unfortunately, we do not often remind from large re-posting profiles. If you do so happen to remind us on a regular basis, yet you do not often share original content, we will try to compensate you through tips with tokens. We also clear most reminds after 3 days, as to avoid clutter and/or cause confusion to any visitors seeking our content. Please feel free to erase our "shared" content within the same timeframe, if you so desire. We do not use Minds Messenger. #magick, #ritual, #sigilmeditation #themystics, #thmystc God(s)bless!

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