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A channel dedicated to examining the relationship between Myth and Love by sharing some of the greatest love stories in Mythology and World Renown and its Music Maestro! 3n1gma Images off the net most from Tumblr, FB or Pinterest if they are yours and wish them removed send me a DM All Mythology can be found at GreekMythology,com [I simply add additional details] not here for DRAMA keep it moving Any Scorpios? hmu I embody Mesperyian let's have fun!

Whatever it turns out to be for now.

Searching for truth

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Christopher Schermer is a writer on esotericism, author, autodidact and independent researcher from Laval Quebec. He drew to esoteric and spiritual subjects from an early age. Christopher is the Author of Testamentum Invictus; an ongoing series of allegorical urban fantasy novels. Alongside fiction, he writes whitepapers on occult and esoteric subjects.

Mar 2018
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