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The Mind's Storyteller Library

ErwinBlackthornMay 14, 2019, 10:51:21 PM

These are the stories featured on minds, from authors on minds. If you want to have your story on the list, simply post a link from a blog post and I can add it to the library. don't forget to tag me with @ErwinBlackthorn so I can easily see it, or simply add the link in the comments below. Once this list starts getting too huge and almost unreadable, I will split it into the different genres, or maybe just only include the author's name.

If you don't see your name here and want to, or don't see a story here that you want to add, go ahead and bitch to me about it.

I don't know, I'm lazy.

Happy writing!


You enter a place, with an unknown presence in the air, neither threatening nor comforting. The door closes behind you, removing the world you once knew from your reach. The only way now is forward. Through the darkness, you come across different shelves, each with their own texture and aura, as if they are from different worlds entirely.


There's a faint hymn playing in what seems like the distance, or is it all in your head? The books are old here, ancient, yet fresh as if just written yesterday. The stain-glass window about you presents a sense of wonder, as the twinkling stars look down upon you, and your journey into forgotten lands and strange magic.


The Willowsbrook Chronicles

Another Writer (actual Pen Name)


Aragmar (Black Knight)

Just Another Job(Series)

The Metropolis of Krart

Brad Turner

King Slayers - prologue

Ruins in the Mist Pt1

Ruins in the Mist Pt2

The Plague of the Village

The Thieves

The Paladin


King Slayers (Slayers of Mortusia Saga Book 1)



The Year of the Bear

Erwin Blackthorn

A Lilin Rose

Pillar of Creation




Gatekeepers: Unquestionable Truth

Gatekeepers: Order of Gravitas

The Agency

A Dapper Deathwish

Robert Van Dusen

An Uncommon Burglar (first chapter)

A Dark Day in Dunharrow


The Merchant Prince of Sina

The Pit of Madness

A Favor for a Friend

Texan Counselor

The Adventurers of Jarek the Scholar: Desert Nightshade

The Adventures of Jarek: The Star of Uskuk

The Hollow Earth Returns: A New Age Rises

Battle at the Blood Oak

Vault Kobald

Leaves, Fur, and Games (series)

Short stories from RhetHypo, Netjr, ME2007Vigil, and Talon123

Short story links


Sparks fly across the shelves and wires hum to the energy surging through their metallic veins. A rhythmic beeping follows your footsteps, the floor lighting up and sending shock waves of data around you like walking on a lake of electrons. The books are digital, both here and not here, and speak of worlds not to far from the one you once knew. Time doesn't mean a thing here, now that it's just you, the void of space, and the pixels.

Another Writer (actual pen name)

Human Reclamation

Aragmar (Black Knight)

The Bloody Line


The Last Riflemen


Where Have All the Good Dzenta'rii Men Gone?

Plastic Hopes and Glued Dreams

Callsign "Fuzzy"

Mysterious Cats Full of Sneakiness

The Veteran

Sunrise Over Sirius

Disarmed Mother

Reviewing Tanks




Starshatter (Starshatter Book 1)

Twin Suns of Carrola (Starshatter Book 2)

Treads of Vengeance (Starshatter Book 3)

Von Braun's Gambit (Starshatter Book 4)

Erwin Blackthorn

Heart Wired 

Mike Mac Dee

Last of the Ghost Lions

Nancie Anne Neal

Elizabeth: Heritage 


Zherosha Chronicles: Unknown Origin


The air in this part of the library holds more dust and cobwebs than oxygen, as if it's locked you in a coffin of decay. The books are dusty, leathery. Are they breathing? No, that's impossible. But there's whispering. Where is it coming from? Before you can question, rusted spikes are blocking your only way out. You're trapped now, no way back.

Robert Van Dusen

The Gift


No Mercy


The curious Case of Doctor Pollard

One Helluva Night

The Bizarre Case of Mike Foster

A New Day

A Cabin in the Woods

The Night Shift