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Disarmed Mother

AragmarApr 26, 2018, 5:14:27 PM

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any and all similarities with persons, organizations, and groups are purely coincidental! 

Alice kissed her kids before bedtime. It was something that they used to do together with her husband but... he was no longer here. Last year he was shot to death by some thug while coming back from work - it was a carjacking gone wrong the police said. She sighed heavily and hand slightly shaking turned off the lights. Nowhere was safe anymore and the new government repealing the 2nd amendment didn't help either. 

She being the law-abiding citizen that she was, gave her rifle up during the organized governmental buyback, last year. Now even pistols weren't allowed, not except you were a communist party member. Alice had no intention of joining these deranged fanatics, not after she heard what the violent mobs of students were doing. Rumors were spreading all over the net, that is, before the Party censored it completely - some of the gun owners who had refused to give up their weapons were lynched. Didn't know if this was true or false. Out here on the ranch Alice and her kids were pretty much alone - anyone who wanted to visit had to travel at least thirty minutes from the nearest town by car. 

The mother walked into her now lonely room and took an old, withered book from her husband's nightstand. It still had some of his scent left and she gently kissed the cover before opening the first couple of pages. Her intention was to read but the woman was too tired and fell asleep.

She was awoken by the sharp sound of broken glass and leaped from her bed. The book fell on the floor while Alice ran towards her kid's room phone in hand. The woman heard someone talking outside:

"So the bitch and her kids are alone, haha! No, no weapons man. Just in case go get the knives from her kitchen, and I'll go up the stairs."

She quickly opened the door and slip in together with her two children, closing and locking the door behind her. Not that would help much. Looking downstairs she saw three men, all armed with pistols - all of them calmly chatting, completely assured of their own safety. Alice braced the door with one of the chairs and slipped under the double bed where her kids were already hiding, trembling and shaking with fear. 

"911 what is your emergency?" - mumbled a sleepy voice, answering her call.

"There are three armed men in my house! Please send help, my address is..."

The operator calmly listened to Alice's frantic and panicked voice, noted her address and replied:

"Ma'am you need to get to a safe space and wait for the response team. Eta fifteen minutes. By Law, I am authorized to inform you that any armed resistance on your part which results in your attackers' bodily harm, may be punishable by up to four years in Federal prison. Good luck."

Alice's hands shook and she whispered angrily - "What?! Good luck?!" - the 911 operator hung up suddenly, but just before she did, Alice could hear a man's voice whispering - "Leave her! She was a gun owner."

Realizing that she had to fend for herself, Alice crawled from the bed and picked up her son's baseball bat, frantically looking around for a way out. Suddenly one of the attackers kicked the door:

"Here! I know you are here bitch! Open the door and I promise to give you a full five minutes of life but only if you are good to us." - the door shook and almost flew off its hinges after another powerful kick. 

Alice pointed the window to her two little children. They understood what she wanted them to do from first glance and her daughter grabbed a blanket. Nevermind that they were on the second floor, both jumped down, wrapped in their thick blankets. She turned around just in time to see the door fall and screaming charged the home invaders swinging the kiddie baseball bat.

Her two children limping and crying desperately tried to reach the barn when they heard their mother wallow out in pain. Then there was a single gunshot and then... silence.


"Mommy, what is this?" - asked Alice's little daughter pointing at the scanner's greenish holo-display. 

"That little red dot represents somebody who does not value their life honey. Hush now, or you will wake up your brother." - whispered Alice and smiling aimed the railgun. 

From her house's opened second story window, she had an excellent view and a wide field of fire. While her husband was on a mission, she could keep herself and her kids safe - Alice was a crack shot. An ex-colonial militia sniper, her marksmanship was peerless. Never did she miss, not even once, during her entire six-year service in the Sirius militia, fighting side by side with her husband, keeping his back safe while he charged forward. Together they fought off the invader, and Alice valued the time that she spent on the frontlines. There was no way she'd allow some no-name criminal to harm her kids. Not while she was breathing and held a rifle in her hands!

Somewhere, a mile away, the lone alien thug was slowly filling the distance between herself and Alice's farm. She had a snub beam gun and hoped that the farm occupants were similarly or less armed. And if she could catch them sleeping, all the better. Terrans were rich, they had lots of stuff in their homes that she could pawn for some quick cash back home. She could care less if their lives had to be snuffed out so that she could line her pockets with decats. 

The thug made another hopeful step and her entire upper torso exploded to gory bits.