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The last Riflemen

AragmarJul 28, 2018, 9:20:26 PM

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any and all similarities with persons, organizations, and groups are purely coincidental! 

The barn was surrounded and its roof was already smoldering. Carrie looked scared and confused at her wounded father and mother. The anti-gun mob attacked their farm earlier this morning - and all of them were armed with... guns. Perhaps someone, after this whole madness was swallowed by the sea of history years in the future would appreciate the irony.

Carrie's family were NRA members, one of the last few remaining alive in the whole state of Texas. At first, everything began as it always did - with protests. The people wanted more gun laws and more regulation it seems, but that was only the beginning. The events became radicalized and chanted slogans like "No more gun deaths! No more violence" while beating anyone whom they knew was an NRA supporter.

Then the anti-gun killing mobs sprung into action. Centered around colleges and universities, those violent groups swept throughout the country leaving only bloodied corpses and burning houses in their wake. The govt didn't do anything and many of her friends and family were convinced that they actually armed and supplied them! Their new Premier was adamant, guns were bad and had to be taken away from US citizens to ensure their safety. 

Of course, most people rebelled and the new socialist government had to declare a state of martial law. Most of the army units sided with the people but that was not enough - the government used the masses of brainwashed, uneducated kids against them. With fanatical zeal, the young leftists killed, tortured and maimed, all in the name of peace and achieving the dream of a gun-free society. Soon the entirety of USA was embroiled in a bloody civil war, where parents were often betrayed and killed by their own children.

The mobs ruled. For weeks their numbers had swelled to many thousands and the murderous hatred instilled in them by their college teachers and university professors was unleashed upon whomever they deemed to be guilty...

The govt nationalized the biggest railways and bus companies, allowing them to move those black and red-clad masses everywhere with ease. And now, they were burning their farm. Carrie and her family knew what was about to happen with them. They would be slowly tortured and killed as they've seen on those vids that some hackers were still uploading on the dark web. With tears in her eyes, the teenage girl picked up her AR-15, hugged her parents and chambered a round.


Comrade DragonLord directed his underlings to aim their weapons at the barnyard's doors; he awaited the evil NRA terrorists to charge at them, instead of staying inside and choke to death by the smoke. He tightly gripped the weapon with his damp soft hands - the glorious ei-kei-four-seven that those comrades from the government had gifted him was heavy. Nevertheless, it was a weapon of Socialist Justice and had served him well in his quest to destroy every wicked nazi serving the capitalist patriarchy he met! 

The barn doors opened - screaming and shooting the family indeed charged his comrades, killing some of them and wounding many others. Met with a deadly barrage of inaccurate fire, their evil bodies soon hit the floor and comrade DragonLord ecstatically screamed, his small clenched fist raised up in the air.

Soon all was put to the torch and the bodies loaded in one of their pickup trucks. By order of the new government, local commissars paid bounties for all NRA members killed and they simply had to take their filthy corpses with them as proof. Slowly but surely the mob started moving towards the closest small town - surely there had to be more of those NRA mass-murdering terrorists hiding there! 

The band reached a bridge and startled, some of his comrades reported that their advance was blocked by some govt black-clad soldiers. Comrade DragonLord calmly dismounted the truck and walked to the head of their column.

"What is the problem comrade soldier? Why are your men blocking our advance?" - comrade DragonLord had his ei-kei-four-seven slinged uncomfortably over the shoulder because he didn't expect hostility from the soldiers. They were part of their government and the government was helping. After all, their goals were the same - to exterminate the terrorist gun owners and make America a gun free zone!

"No problem 'comrade', we are here to provide you with transport!" - enthusiastically responded the young soldier. 

"See those trucks? Tell your followers to get closer and form lines. We need to transport you to the nearby town quick! We have the NRA terrorists surrounded and holed up in their filthy church. Comrade premier ordered youth anti-gun groups like yours to be included in any and all similar operations!"

The end of that bridge was blocked by two closely parked army trucks, with their engines working. Comrade DragonLord moved back, saluting the soldier with his raised fist and after some unsuccessful attempts managed to climb up the hood of their pickup truck. The bodies in the back had started to smell and he moved the face mask in a vain attempt to cover his nose shouting:

"Comrades, rejoice! The soldiers are here to transport us to the nearest town with their trucks! Move forward and form lines!" 

Surely enough, soon the revolutionary masses obediently cued up behind the trucks and he walked towards the soldiers again - the brezent covers of those trucks weren't open yet. Just as he stood before them, one of the black-clad soldiers pulled his pistol aiming it at his torso. Comrade DragonLord stood there, completely stupefied, while the soldier whistled loudly, tapping one of the trucks with hand. The brezent flipped to the side revealing two machine guns in each truck ready to fire!

"Your services are no longer needed 'comrade'!" - laughingly answered the soldier in reply to comrade DragonLord now angered look, and before his hands could grab the trusty ei-kei-four-seven, shot him in the gut. Falling backward, comrade DragonLord could hear the devastating fusillade of machine gun fire that was slaughtering his comrades and their confused, angry, painful screams. The last thing that his eyes saw was the muzzle flash of the soldier's pistol, and then darkness came.


Soon there was silence. The soldiers walked around putting a bullet in the head of anyone who was yet alive. Blowing up a head, adorned with colorful, pink blue hair, one of the soldiers stepped on something. She crouched and picked it up, inspecting it for a short while, before disgusted throwing the item in the river.

It was an NRA junior member badge marksman first class. Bloodied and mangled, pierced by machine gun fire, the words etched on the back were almost uneligible - "My daughter Carrie - The prettiest little marksman!" 

The soldiers walked towards the end of that bridge, checking the bodies of the useful idiots for life signs. According to the new Comrade Premier's orders, they were no longer needed; having accomplished what was expected of them, the unwashed masses of naive, useful fools were now to be permanently taken care of. The government no longer needed those mobs of overzealous clowns, running around waving their guns and torching property. All throughout the new government controlled states, their groups were being corraled&lined up at the end of a ditch, or before some high school wall and shot to death. And to think that some of them actually believed they would come to rule America after the Revolution! What a joke.

The second group of soldiers began dumping the dead together with the wounded and still twitching bodies into the frozen waters of the river below...


Carrie checked one the last time if the super magrails of her rail carbine were clean and packed one extra spare power pack, just in case. 

"Come on Space cadet! Move those tiny legs of yours, or we will all be late for the competition!" - her father and mother were both waiting next to the family shuttle, and even without looking at their faces Carrie knew they were both bristling with pride. 

"I'm coming, Dad!" - Carrie ran using her spacesuit's mag boots trying to emulate the star troopers "skate walk" but saw her mother chuckling underneath the transparent faceplate of her spacesuit.

"Careful Carolina! I do not want you to plant your head face first into the floorplating!" - her Dad added almost somberly, but hugged her with one of his shining smiles and pushed her gently into the shuttle. Before sitting behind the controls her Mom suddenly threw her old NRA badge at her, that she easily grabbed and turned around, inspecting it carefully. 

On its back, there was an inscription saying - "My daughter Carrie - The prettiest little marksman!"