Laid back and super chill person that loves everyone and there opinions even if there different from mine. ----------------MY GROUPS------------------- Amateur Art https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/658540005781676034/activity #knowyourshit https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/699850748141248521/activity

To help people get the services and resources they need to get to be a better place concerning their mental health. With Youtube, here on minds, and the website: www.thementalhealthresourcehub.wordpress.com Learning about the history of mental health, psychology, treatments, and such.

http://therealstream.net/ The Internet's Truth Portal. Hello Everyone, We are a news and information amalgamation and archival site similar to Drudge but truthful, accurate, relevant, and without left or right bias. We are 100% independent; nobody owns us. We operate anonymously. We have no partisan, ideological, or other biases, except towards goodness and truth. We will not hold back on ANYTHING. Our co-founders have been incessantly and passionately researching world events, the mystery schools, history, and all other necessary areas of knowledge for understanding such subjects for over 10 years. According to the Gladwell rule, we are experts. However we don't know it all. None of us do. Which is why we choose to amalgamate from researchers and authorities that we have found to be accurate over the years. We don't need the spotlight. We're here to work with the community and be a synthesizing force for the information that real truth tellers have been, and are continuing to, tell. Let's all work together, the task ahead of us is mighty, but darkness fears the light. Got good info? Let us know: Email: [email protected].

Here at Shark Tank Productions, we love video games, movies, TV shows, books, music and (almost) everything pop culture. We've started with focusing on the gaming aspect of our page but as time moves on, we'll eventually have more options for everyone! This is purely a hobby for now as we love to do these kind of things simply for the fun but with your help, it could grow into something REALLY amazing, with skits and sketches, more original videos, articles, news and reviews, and much, much more! Watching our videos, sharing them, and getting involved with the Shark Tank community is more than we could ever expect from all of you but if you would really like to help us get moving, any form of donation is greatly appreciated, with a great deal of rewards coming soon. STG also has a video game shop located on our Facebook page if you would like to help us out and grab a great deal for your video game collection/stash. We can also be found on Patreon and other avenues should you wish to further support our work :) youtube.com/channel/UCaNIpjPngRsO8Pij_HO_Vrw facebook.com/pg/sharktankgaming/shop gameskinny.com/gs/the-shark-4985 patreon.com/sharktankproductions pinterest.com/sharktankgaming/ twitter.com/SharkTankGames

Just a lost soul trying to find a state of belonging, free falling through this mortal life

I'm Atheist, I'm conservative. NOT republican. The Constitution is my guide. And I don't care what your religious affiliation is, if any, all are welcome. Yes, America, there are conservative atheists among you. I like to think that we are truly the freest people alive. You don't hear about us, or if you do, then you probably wouldn't know we were atheists because we are living our life. To us, this is our one shot, so we are not going to bicker and just live the American Dream. Yes, liberals, there is an American Dream. You just have to work for it. Nothing is free. You can thank the bankers for that.

I'm a white guy looking for his privilege because they must of missed me when they were handing it out Minds Noobie Meeting Area https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/694818384386203655/activity

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