Tara Duncan


I was on public transportation and not motivated enough to read anything. A woman in an adjacent seat was watching a video that was positioned so I could easily see it from beside her without seeming to conspicuously watch it. She was wearing ear buds so there was no apparent sound. I have no idea why, but overtly watching a stranger's video feed always seems weird and oddly intrusive. At first I thought it was some blooper reel because a guy jumped out of a car to punch another man in the face. Nonetheless I decided to keep watching for a few more minutes just to see what moronic crap might hold the average person's interest. Moving on, the next scene involved two girls fighting in the back seat of a car, followed by a cut scene of the same guy driving the car, but with the girls now sporting duct tape on their mouths. I assumed the man was their father, and this was some sort of comedic justice. It's possible I may have some unrealized issues. I was really wondering what kind of loser program this was, when the action followed the same car to a storage facility. And yes, my attention was now firmly focused on the video to try to ascertain what the hell was going on. The car stopped, and the man let the two girls out. I was waiting for some indication they had "learned their lesson" when the girls bolted for their lives. As there was no sound, this was like the "Where's Waldo" of plot devices. The girls were easily apprehended and herded into a shipping container. The duct tape was removed, and there was some silent dialogue with their captor during which one of the girls gave him something that looked like a badge. He left them there, securely locking them in. Stopping outside on his way back to the car, he examined the badge and appeared to compare it to a tattoo on his forearm. Some aspect of this action caused a blue spherical portal to open and he was sucked through it. Ok, mildly interesting sci fi vibe. At just that moment the woman playing the video packed up the player, and left. I have no idea what the show was about. Some guy has been teleported away, either accidentally or by his own device, and two girls are locked in an outdoor storage container and will probably perish. The show probably sucked, and I wouldn't have normally watched it on a dare. Still though, I have a vignette of something that wasn't complete enough for me to make that determination conclusively. I feel strangely cheated.
That's sad. I used to like Reddit.
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