Multimedia Project: Mettā Meditation & Psychospiritual Education Music: Libre: Free as in Freedom Cosmic Pledge Of Alliance "I pledge alliance to Earth of our beautiful and mysterious Universe, and to The Light Of Love Of Life. for which it stands, Love is the Law, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL" (Rendered by standing at attention facing the Sun with hand over heart) May all beings be happy, peaceful, live with ease. Include ALL, exclude NONE. Alliance of DNA (and etc!) #iMagiNation #IntelligenceIncrease

A social experiment... Do thoughts matter? ARE thoughts matter? How tangible are they? What happens when imaginations are focused, when they're intentional? What if a handful of @minds (or more) got together in an Imaginarium for 24 hours and focused on ideas.... that forward humanity? Everybody is welcome to participate in a 24hour Imaginarium 6 June. Entry fee is 10minutes breathing in the universal breathing room Create an intention, arrange speakers in your environment turn the volume up and breathe in sync to get creative juices flowing. Feed the imagination for 24hours go nuts with whatever your calling is, take the day off and create, paint, sing, meditate write poetry empty your mind provoke thoughtful conversations whatever sparks your imagination. Enter the breathing room for breathing boosts during the 24hour period. What are you thinking? Connect with people who are participating: @cartman1 @NyoNyo (birthday 5June :) @TheWildCard @Melisa @kdjh @LeeTravis @MaggieFreetoBeMe @SatoriD @The_Artist @Peggy2 @EcoTortTheatre @BentNectar @FreeBornAngel @truthseekertruthteller @ThriceHermes @Slayer454 @ciscocisco @SamanthaG @sagaciousrobot @damon0 @tenebrosoclub100 @agataB @TheMindsPanelShow @fefilus @AliceW @Jmdearriba @3tags @KidYouNot @Bad_karma @ChuckmcFall @Marman @ExtraSensory @Cyberdustedi @Cin2 @SpeedTheShift @SpaceMind @Future78 @mcchosen @ThaDocter @NathanHawkeye @concinnity @JoshAllen @TangoDown @Anacecilia @JaphRyder @TAK @CAC270 @me2we @Rizonsoft @HGBespoke @Artreck @ADarkerWave @Tony_Rusty @PeaceLoveAnarchy @Foruria @triggerskate @smokey66 @neomyst @waldlaeufer @oldmagic @crystalwolfe-hyacinthfotoz @Ritikapai @miguelmartin @dmadrfakr @richboysToys (really??) @AcquarianElle @Anonymity @1wise @Lilou @Future78 @soulless-samurai @cartoon @CaptainMarvelJnr @JustWannaBeFree @pseudos_18 @Evolve2More @Jokerman @nickroti @MikeMyhre @one_eye @DarkerWave @NeonWave @me2we @NostraDome7 @DracoChainmaille @ShapeofAir @DanDanhansen @HaveFaith @WildChild @keyvan

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Welcome to the official Minds channel

Surreal artist looking for alternative ways My Facebook Page BTC/ETH address 0x15255e6Be25778d685A0750Ec3db598897584578 every special request Pm me


:: Connect * Collaborate * Create :: It's about the power of will, first your individual will and then the collective will. A calling, to a universal giggle .. getting louder and louder! :: This giggle to us is a call to action :: and we can hear it loud and clear! We promote power in choosing something collaboratively without trappings of a hive-mind. Here we encourage other artists to be themselves, further develop their name aka brand, while also contributing to the open art collaborative that is the Infinite Imaginarium or #Imaginarium :: We Believe :: Building sustainability should be cultivated in an art community by mutual respect, trust, and willingness to be vulnerable while we continue to grow, we all ask for help from each other.. so please don't be shy! And in.. a kind of self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose that together help create the richness needed to perfect the soil of our imaginarigarden of creativity :: We invite you to reach out :: if you have questions, would like to be interviewed or featured by all means, email us links and any accompanying bio! :: Podcast :: :: E-mail Us :: [email protected] :: ii ART GROUP ::

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Can we have a lil imagination? Can we have a lil magicak? Can we have a lil humanity around here? I tired more than once to tell you, to communicate what I know. You did not or could not listen. You can not show to anyone what she has not seen. It's time to pull the cosmic trigger... Support ETH: 0xeE9f5aB4faeCBe30012f675Bb938031BC51bB49B

The Minds Underground is A Multi-Media Decentralized Open Source Group, of programmers, artist, musicians, shamans, visionaries, regular people, making shit happen. Just so we're clear people, we're HERE to play & make MAGIC happen. #MindsUnderground

Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

Raziel Apollyon
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Just some guy. [email protected]

I Am
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➝ My Linktree: ⚑ Join the Battle to Reclaim Personal Powers Ignorantly Surrendered, Claim our Sovereign Rights, Unslaving Humanity! Freedom begins with a concept — a state of mind. The mind, once freed, then goes on to pursue physical freedom as well. In John 8:32, Jesus states: "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Freedom comes from truth, and cannot come from central government — itself being a fraud, and its methods primarily lies, tricks, and deceit. Freedom for man is expressed perfectly in God's law as it sets guidelines to protect one's own freedom without violating the freedom of others. God, by teaching us His law (truth), gave us the means for freedom. Jesus reiterated it. Truth leads us towards freedom and away from slavery. Freedom, like truth, is not inherited. It must be learned and preserved by each generation. The pursuit of truth, freedom and happiness is every man's birthright and individual responsibility. It cannot be transferred or deferred to another or to a government. People who don't accept individual responsibility, and won't strive for their own freedom, are known as slaves.

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