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This video channel is dedicated to artists and audiences who dissent Hollywood's corruption. Media outlet that produces content for awakened young people. Our goal is to inspire and enlighten young minds to political, social, and human consciousness. ----------------------   

Hi ! Im Samantha Anthony , And Im from US

I am just me, simple as that. Just a little social butterfly. I like to explore and learn new things. I enjoy reading and writing and finding new knowledge. I am intrigued by the power of the human spirit. I am a free thinker and that shall be my God given right, not only for myself but for all mankind. We are all given that right as individuals and no one should have the right to take it away. Information is knowledge and knowledge is wisdom, that is key. No one can put a cap on that, at least from my perspective. I am a happy spirit and I enjoy an equal balance of peace and harmony. I am a bit of an eternal optimist and I do believe in a higher power whom I call God. I understand that others may have different views of God (or creator) or even more than one God and I also know that others may not even believe in God, and that is each persons right. Its not up to me to judge another in their believes. I will never try to make you believe in mine and I can respect all others as well. I will not be conformed but I do believe in transformation. The whole world is evolving around us each and everyday and we are always changing even with the times. I know in my experience I am not the same person I was 10 years ago but that was through my own personal life experiences that I've encountered in this journey that I call life. Life is a beautiful gift and I don't take any moment of it for granted. I try and live it with a purpose with meaning and whole heart. I will not live through my days in a manner that is of waste or for it be fruitless. I am living my very best life forward and will continue to do so until I leave this world. Have yourself a beautiful and blessed day with much love and light. Sincerely, MamaButterfly

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