obelisk life under the yoke. I like to draw at high noon. left IG due to TOS. New to minds Jan 2021.

° Drawings | Paintings | Photography °

Artist & comic creator. Fan of Coffee, Lovecraft, Comics, Sci-fi, MMA, Tacos, 80's & 90's stuff, The United States Constitution, #ComicsGate https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGye6_6M2JmC_4PBEhUyy1A

The ultimate Bond. Artist, writer, philosopher. I am working on my IGG CALLED FIREBALL.

3D Artist | trying my best | One-Seven | me/me've

Gen z / America first 🇺🇸 / Nationalist Conservative I am your average gringo Post some funny shitpost little bit of a degenerate/ Video games 🎮/ Anime / PC Master Race God Bless America🦅🇺🇸🦅

My name is Jacob Newhard I am a Trucker in the USA I primarily drive the highways east of Omaha, NE and do my damndest to stay out of the North East. I am a Constitutional Conservative Libertarian. I believe the government should be 1 person sitting in a room with the Nuclear Football and that’s it. everything else should be done by WE THE PEOPLE and the Market will dictate what will succeed and what will fail.

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People tell me I'm an artist! I make art videos following the progress of paintings & illustrations, showing you exactly how I produce them. https://www.flow.page/capartacus

Jan 2021
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