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I enjoy #gaming 🎮 creating #video content 📺 and #art 🎨 Check out my videos on #JoshWhoTV #BitChute #Odysee and #Rumble where I indulge in my personal interests while hopefully entertaining some of you. Also the #memes 😬 ----------------------------------------------------------- 💡Some great channels💡 @SeekingTheTruth101 @Senpai_zeze_fly @WalrusMallone @Willieleev1971 @ChrisDoogood @RushOfWaves @StormFeather @AdamBaums @TwiinScorpio @TwiinLion @Kitch23 @Myincal @JhafarI @ThothTheAtlantean @SaneInAnAsylum @FarmFreshShow @CensorshipSucks @DreagusProd @DavidHogg @BigbyLupo @PH1776 @MrsPH1776 ----------------------------------------------------------- Join these Groups: Rizzo's Room https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/960955185992003584 #MemeSupreme https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/899830471989624832 MemeMediocre https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1277200750300106769 Official Gifs https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/844220536770330624 #GAMERtube https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/567372953759522816 ----------------------------------------------------------- Kindly support my 'work' by donating tokens, joining one of my Minds memberships, following me on my other social media sites ( https://linktr.ee/yorizzo ), up-voting/reminding my posts and by Subscribing to my SubscribeStar page: https://www.subscribestar.com/richard-rizzo ------------------------------------------------------------ All the #HashTags #TheRizzoShow #SocialCancer #MemeTheStream #RizzosRoom #gaming #retrogaming #memes #JoshWhoTV #Odysee #BitChute #Rumble #AltTech #commentary #OriginalContent #WatchParty #video #review #ComicsSansCancer #RizzosRoomGaming #YoRizzo #1000Eyes ------------------------------------------------------------ Thank-you for swinging by 👍🏻
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An unaffiliated subdivision of Meme Supreme Formerly Chuck's.
WormaPalooza July 31, 2022 #wormapalooza
Beauty is beauty, that’s all there is to it. If you are interested in you, then you’re stuck with you and you’re stuck with your death. But if you get interested in beauty, then you’ve latched on to something mysterious inside your soul that grows like a secret insane thought, and takes over completely when you die, and you’re IT. :: Please check in to see dates of upcoming shows :: :: Please post ART, MUSIC & any pertaining content and/or contributions for future shows :: :: THANK YOU ::
Welcome to the future of Gaming here on Minds.com! Please be mindful of the rules and be nice to your fellow gamers! 1. NO SPAM Anything spammy will be removed and you will be banned from the group 2. DETAIL YOUR POSTS Posts of video links or links to other sites with the comment "check this out" will be removed. This is a community and if we want to view a video or another bit of content, we need some context! 3. SUPPORT EACH OTHER If you're posting videos or content, make sure you take the time to view and like previous posts beforehand. People sometimes just use this page as a dumping ground and it's nice to spread the love for those that don't get as much attention. At the very least, like the previous post! 4. NO MINDLESS SELF-PROMOTION While this could also be classed as "Spam" please contact a moderator prior to releasing 20+ videos in a row promoting your channel 5. BE NICE While profanity and violence are perfectly fine, any unjust gestures towards our fellow gamers will be treated as serious and will not be taken lightly. For you YouTubers out there, use this to get yourself some exposure, subs and likes :): https://www.viewgrip.net/?ref=56164 To get FREE gift cards for Steam and Amazon for just using your browser: https://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Wogawell #gaming #twitch #videogames
Final Re-incarnation of Dank Only Members only/Invitation only Memepage / Confessional : You were personally invited to come here, to separate yourself from the mundane reposted keyboard warrior bullshit and quickly scroll thru the cream of the crop over the top posts. Many of the posts will be classics from the *Glory Days of previous versions.Also this is a meme group, not a debate group. Plenty of other places on the internet to argue with each other. We will be the only ones here, there will be no crossposting spacecash whores. cover anything that would be considered NSFW that's what fucked the last version of this page...rebooted 814Sat2021 #FlamewarsConfessionalRebooted
Minds Official Gifs Group - All Welcome - 😀 GIF = GRAPHICS INTERCHANGE FORMAT. A group for sharing unique gifs; invite like minded users. Easily create gifs via links @ http://www.reddragonls.co.uk/official-gifs.html Video to Gif converter @ https://ezgif.com/video-to-gif Lunapic editor @ https://www298.lunapic.com/editor/ Resize animated gifs @ http://gifgifs.com/resizer/ Zoetropic app @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.zoetropic.free&hl=en_GB&gl=US VIMAGE app @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vimage.android&hl=en_GB&gl=US (APK downloads can be found if you do not wish to use google play store) PLEASE ensure your posts contain a TITLE and these TAGS below as this indexes your files on a database and increases visibility. #OfficialGifs #Minds #Gifs #Art (PLEASE post directly to the group otherwise exterior news feed page links will be deleted) Whenever possible please credit original artists if you share material that you have not created yourself. Easy access to editor apps and tools in the beginning of the conversations section. Please add any editor tools/apps you use. Remember you can always use my website link at the top for finding apps/tools. (This will give new members a starting point if they have no knowledge of gifs and wish to make their own). MODERATOR DUTIES = Common Sense - Remove spam/static images etc... OFFICIAL GIFS ANIMATION DESIGNERS = @ChrisMadzier @Darkinmyeyes @miad33s @Rushofwaves GROUP MODERATORS = @ChrisDoogood @NigelDownUnder @RedDragonLS HAVE FUN!!! JOIN MINDS OFFICIAL GIFS TODAY!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ Many thanks and best wishes from Official Gifs 🙂
All things comic books from covers to fan art and some comic book/Comic-Con news. Four Rules: 1. Anime/Manga are not allowed in this group and will be deleted 2. Mark all NSFW posts properly (we don't ask or know the ages of members) 3. All non-comic book posts here will be considered spam and the member will be removed from the group with post deleted 4. There are no LIMITs to daily posting here so long as it's within the above guidelines If you don't like folks who post more than 50 posts in a short period this group might not be for you. Also, please vote and remind so it will be paid back to you later. #comics #comicbookartist #comicbookcollecting #comicbooknerd #comics_books #comic_book_covers #comic_book_labels #comic_collector #comic_book_art #comicartist #indiecomics #horrorcomics #fan_art #key_issue #comiccon #superheroes #nerd #artwork #digitalart #draw #cosplay
Minds.com specific media and support media only. Get creative, Minds! #MindsImages tag required #minds tag advised #art tag recommended All off-topic posts, self promotion and spam will be deleted. Blocking an admin is also not permitted so do not do it. Self promotion must be discussed with @FretzCapo via pm. #art #gifs #memes #minds #MindsImages
A Marketplace for NFT collectibles. Promote Your NFT's in this area!! - No marketplace or development advertising, this is a place to promote your NFT artwork. Please Support Us (Our Shop) https://app.momint.so/profile/61913fd31f49a5003064c090 Admin: @MindsGaming --- #MindsGaming #NFT
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