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Wildlife Photography only owned pictures no captive animals no bait used unless stated

Virpil-audiophile-photographer. Tip Buy me a kof-fi: In case you'd like to support the channel Bitcoin directly: 3NMVsfBsyenMM9W1egVg97gCXUTpuGPGtt Tnx! :)

Big Old Donkey blocking the Produce Department. Send in Animal Control Unit. I only post my own original photography. I look at all the astounding and amazingly beautiful, weird and even common sights, realizing how special every cell, every atom is, much less the utterly incomprehensible totality of existence. I hope to capture some tiny measure of that awe and wonder with my photography. Thank you to all of you who like my photos and have subscribed to my channel. My flower photos are taken "en plein air" in natural light and are not staged.

Amateur Photographer, cat lover, and gamer (PC and PS4). Will mostly post #nature and #landscape #photography that I've taken around the great #outdoors of the UK South Coast. During the work day I'm a Front End Developer, with specific interests in privacy, security, and accessibility.

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Just a girl hoping to spread positive vibes nationwide and making people smile, even if it’s just one person at a time. I Enjoy art, cooking, baking, outdoors, nature, science, gardening, animal rescue, tiny cottages, bridges, traveling,saving the bees, pit bulls, crafting/diy, comedy, positive open-minded people like myself. Not interested in political debates or debates of any kind. Please nothing negative on my channel. Judging or discriminating anyone for any particular reason at all, is just pure hate and I’m not making any time for that!

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Enjoys the outdoors & an active lifestyle, but just cannot handle toxic politics (right, left, or whatever). Just saying. "The best camera is the one that you have with you!" And these days it's usually my phone. Original photos unless otherwise noted. Enjoy. __________ Banner Pics Winter — Paulina Falls, Paulina Creek Spring — Tumalo Falls, Tumalo Creek Summer — Cascading Falls, Fall Creek Fall — Steelhead Falls, Deschutes River ________________ Thanks: @bekanode @BrownSignSeeker @chesscat @chesschats @Diamondium @dunnj @itsmewanda1 @MerryBoomer @minds @redzen @SkylerBearGunn @WanderingI ______________

Currently writing about the history and all the cool stuff I came across during my adventures. Connecting the Dots. --- Subscribe for new articles:

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