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Multidisciplinary artist, musician, and creative explorer. With a unique perspective on the dance of nature and the infinite spiral, Withinthevacuum's work transcends traditional boundaries, fusing art, music, and research to create captivating experiences. Visit the W8W Creative Hub: https://www.minds.com/group/1533662279625609229/latest
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The Hippo Campus is a place where determined Minds come to help each other learn the Minds Open-Source codebase. We learn, we share, we align with each other in small groups of cells. We touch the nerve that needs to communicate change. We are slightly compulsory, automatic, and instinctual in these endeavors. We are far more than Jack's unused liver. We are Bill's automatic hippocampus. From deep inside the Minds Hippo Campus, we are affected by the cosmos and we likewise have unlimited affection for the cosmos. We do not just remember - no - any mind can do that. We connect the Past to the Future in an infinite Presence. We connect the Self to the Ether through our Minds. We sense, and make sense. We create, maintain, and when necessary ... clear the field and start again. Stop in and listen to a weekly session, grab a new buddy, or book office hours with a more senior or motivated member than yourself to get your shoulders aimed in a good direction! Share any ideas you have while you're still new! Many of them may not be executable, but they may inspire more capable members to action. If you have a good grasp on any of the subject matter, make a short video and post it here. The faster you get more people involved, the greater and more impactful the change. Both open source and democracy feed on inclusion and diversity. When all of our stories are included in our solutions, we are all stronger. When we all help each other strengthen and align our skillsets toward our natural proclivities, we simultaneously facilitate inclusivity, diversity, and democracy. So grab a new Mind and dive deep into the Hippo Campus today! https://developers.minds.com/docs/getting-started/installation/
Thanks for Viewing! If you're a fractal creator, please join us and post your fractals here. Join us if you just love to see this art! Post fractal art created using any software that you choose. Make sure to say which Fractal editor you used for your post. Thanks! Group Mods: @Fractalizer, @darkinmyeyes, @RedDragonLS ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ POSTING ANYTHING OTHER THAN FRACTAL ART WILL BE DELETED! . ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Please Credit the Original Fractal Artist if you are posting other's art. Please use # tags as this indexes your files on a database and increases visibility. Tags to use here: #Fractal #FractalArt #Original plus the app or software ie.: #JWildfire #Mandelbulb3D #Apophysis #Mandelbulber #FractalExplorer #Frax #Frex #MandelBrowser or any other. If posting Fractal Art by others, please use #FractalDesigners tag. HAVE FUN !!! Please Check Out Our Friends Groups DeepDream Art Group https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1018311401221378048/feed The Official GIFs Group Mods: @RedDragonLS https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/844220536770330624 The Official Creations Group https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1027228886395387904/feed The Minds Images Group Mods: @FretzCapo https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/622600737196613632 The Colouring The World Group Mods: @Fractalizer https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/875507690911694848
Ever think about how much communication comes from gathering around a good cup? Einstein himself was known to frequent his local coffee shop. Some of the places he would sit have become quite famous. Coffee broke us out of the debauchery of the Middle Ages and slowly sobered us into the Industrial Revolution. Now here we are ... on the Third or maybe even Fourth Industrial Revolution. Pharmy's are running course through our veins, along with polymers and a cocktail of hormones. We receive a dose of christmas tree lights hourly - sometimes more - and our normal human feelings of achievement and prestige are being tampered with - as well as our sense of physical comfort. _____________________________________________________________🧞‍♂️________ On one hand, we enjoy our handheld windows to the universe and the ability to scoff at Death, but on the other ... there's gotta be more to life than a post industrial dystopia. _________________________________________💡________ These conundrums are gonna take some active MINDs. ______⚡️________ We know it in our core that something must be done. __________ __________ ______ _________________________________________________🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠_ Riiiight after this cup. _______________________________🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 Somebody hold my mug .... ________________________🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠_ Imma Hash this out ... _________________________________👀🧠🧠🧠🧠__ ______________________ ________________________~_~_____________🧠🧠 ____________________________________~_~_ #CoolMindsCafe ________💡 🎫 Whatever you would talk about at your local café - bring it here! If you need a good bean for your brew to get the Minds firing, check out Jolly's coffee club on his main page. If you want to start roasting yourself, contact Jolly! He'll help you get started in your part of the world! https://thejollylama.github.io/public/#!/CoolMinds
ALL things crypto and virtual currency #altcoin #blockchain #encryption N.B. ALL commercial group content requires a single Token donation Group Admin @FacebookFluxx69 #FacebookFluxx69 Mod @TechnoMageB5 #TechnoMageB5
Welcome those who love art + Arts, paintings, drawings, sculpture, artworks, photography arts ... are allowed + Better if there are full author names and other information, respect the author (if not original) + Up to 10 posts per day + Unlimited originals + No advertising + No gif files + Irrespective of skin color, nationality, gender, age, political perspective + Encourage exchanging and speaking views Welcome and Thank you for your interest Administrator: @HungPV
Admin: @bocu22 is a group about the magic world of mushrooms everyone who have knowledge or content about mushrooms are welcome here You can't advertise sales, websites, or adverts in our community groups without supporting our community via tokens. #mushrooms #fungus #fungi #nature #myphoto #photography
A Marketplace for NFT collectibles. Promote Your NFT's in this area!! - No marketplace or development advertising, this is a place to promote your NFT artwork. Please Support Us (Our Shop) https://app.momint.so/profile/61913fd31f49a5003064c090 Admin: @MindsGaming --- #MindsGaming #NFT
Quantum allows the mind to expand into all aspects, known and unknown. From stardust we come and shall return but in the meantime our cosmic power gradually awakens, allowing us to see through the veil and dissolve the fabric of this existence. As our inner vision unfolds, dormant knowledge sits waiting to be expressed from the dream into the physical realm - a world tainted with amplified suffering. While the warrior in us senses this unearthly distress our higher purpose is calling us, to shine with loving kindness on everything that co-exists and to relieve the suffering imposed upon it. Pure love is the divine frequency that "life" responds to, embodying its natural mechanism and resonating force. For all its beauty and brutality, its essence is our most precious commodity - our fuel - bearing the infinite magic of creation. If the field is corrupted with impurity, so will its raw substance - stardust - that which we are and will always be. It is for the warrior to light up the world, to reflect pure love and serve the universe in the best possible way... Shine + Be Lucky
Keep up with community token updates, promote your social token, projects, games and more. MTCG is our community token for #MindsGaming that supports our community, projects, group promotions and more behind the scenes. You can earn MTCG by being a part of the #MindsGaming community groups! You can also earn creator and project tokens along the journey! Token Page: https://www.mintme.com/token/MTCG Website: https://mtcg.glitch.me/ #Minds #MindsGaming #Game #Cards #Think #MTCG
Welcome to the MindsGaming Music Makers group. A place to share your original music living on the blockchain. All music genres are welcome. Covers are welcome too. Show us what you got! Let's create a community 🙂 Collaborate with others, comment and remind each other's content. Let's talk. This is a moderated group so there are some basic rules. 1. The music that you share must be of your own creation. We want to help promote it. If the artist name does not match your username Please help us verify this by putting info about your music on your bio. 2. You must include the hashtags #MindsGaming #Web3Music 3. The link must be from a Web3/blockchain music or video platform. 4. We want to hear music. Please only provide links to songs or music videos (no artist page links pls). You can also upload the song in video format directly to this group (preferred). 5. Be kind 🙂 Now let's get creative! 🤘🎵🎵
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