Walter Kelso: Veitnam War Vet

We have to stop fighting each other and stop complying with the criminals who run the world. Wake up, America! JOIN MY WAR VETERANS GROUP IF YOU LOVE FREEDOM:

Channel is dedicated to stopping anti-white pro LGBTID(Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender I.E. - Illness and Disease) FUCK ALL Gays and the RACIST Black People who account for MOST of the Black "People".

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I am Katerina Edwards Roy, affectionately known as Angel Eyes. MY INSTAGRAM: MY BITCHUTE: MY DEVIANTART: MY PSEC PLAYLIST: _________________________________ CLOSEST FRIENDS HERE ON MINDS: Dave Kelso Richard Hamilton _________________________________ MINDS GROUPS: Jesus Is About LOVE Not Hate And Hell: Kekistani-REE-HAD: MemeWars: MemeFarmers: Unfuck The World: Hawaii _________________________________ deviantART GROUPS: Kekistani-REE-HAD: ControversyINC: NASA-HeadQuarters: BBSing: Lightworkers: _________________________________ #PraiseJesus! And #PraiseKEK. But nowhere near as much as Jesus. Sorry Kek, I love Jesus a bit more. But Jesus loves you too, Kek! So don't feel left out! :) Jesus isn't about "fire and brimstone" and Kek is not a nazi. Frogs are cute, anyways. I love them!

Butch Crassidy
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Funny, crass, political, anti-sjw, anti-collectivist, pro-liberty, ancap-libertarian, mgtow. Funny and Political T-Shirts, hats, mugs, and gear.

I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And we're certainly out of bubblegum, aren't we? Things about me: -Old school Anonymous -Seen dial up -Been to several continents -Chaotic Neutral -Pro Life -Pro Death Penalty -Shit poster supreme -Autodidact -IRL raider -Can be a dick -Am a dick -Are you still reading -Reading is life -Edge Lord -Fitness fanatic -Individualist extremist -Acting civilly will be met with civility even if I adamantly disagree with you -If you don't like what I have to say, harden up -If you block me, you're a pussy -Most blocked Minds user -Minds user since 09/01/2016 not Eurofag date.

The Independent Journalism of Thomas McFarlan Thought Justice is focused on the pervasive 21st century assault on the freedom of thought. This reality has manifested most acutely in the covert organized-stalking of innocent people who have become known as "targeted-individuals". These covert war crimes exploded in scale and scope after the events of September 11th, and are now being perpetrated against millions of people in the U.S., and millions more worldwide. I myself am subject to these covert crimes. It boggles the mind that this issue isn't a front and center topic, at least in the alternative press... It's an extraordinarily serious epidemic being perpetrated against millions of people, and intimately interrelated with most other activism topics, as well as, used as a tool of mass population trauma based mind control against the entire population at large. The focus of this channel, will be on documenting and exposing these organized-stalking crimes, broader underlying deep-state crimes, as well as, empowering individuals with a spiritual understanding, through the realization of the power of thought. You can support my journalism via PayPal here: or support me here on Minds with an Ethereum Crypto-Currency donation.

Former CEO of Cannabis Social Club Denmark. Activis. Freelance community manager. Crypto currency investor, every link here help my out a little please use them it will cost you nothing.. I'm also on LBRY join here mobile wallets keep your crypto safe with trust wallet or Atomic wallet also open source safest keep your crypto safe buy a hardware wallet website

🅳🆂-🆃🅴🅲🅷 🅼🅴🅳🅸🅰 LINUX - AUDIO/VIDEO - GRAPHICS I mostly make videos about tech, but I also do visual design and produce my own (weird)music. Artist, hackerish, coding, Linux servers, Linux PC's. I'm the guy in the coffee shop typing way too much into a black terminal, you know that guy right? Media-Web-Graphics Designer Find our Videos on Youtube Dtube Bitchute & LBRY!

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Paul McCullough

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