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The Independent Journalism of Thomas McFarlan Thought Justice is focused on the pervasive 21st century assault on the freedom of thought. This reality has manifested most acutely in the covert organized-stalking of innocent people who have become known as "targeted-individuals". These covert war crimes exploded in scale and scope after the events of September 11th, and are now being perpetrated against millions of people in the U.S., and millions more worldwide. I myself am subject to these covert crimes. It boggles the mind that this issue isn't a front and center topic, at least in the alternative press... It's an extraordinarily serious epidemic being perpetrated against millions of people, and intimately interrelated with most other activism topics, as well as, used as a tool of mass population trauma based mind control against the entire population at large. The focus of this channel, will be on documenting and exposing these organized-stalking crimes, broader underlying deep-state crimes, as well as, empowering individuals with a spiritual understanding, through the realization of the power of thought. You can support my journalism via PayPal here: or support me here on Minds with an Ethereum Crypto-Currency donation.
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It's a widely known reality that MAINSTREAM HOLLYWOOD is the plaything of deep-state political power-holders, and that these individuals preview the highly organized covert crimes they roll out on society IN FILMS, for a predictive programming affect on the population at large. The 2003 release of Control Factor predicted the explosion of organized stalking crimes in the 21st century. Watch my VIDEO FEATURE EXPOSE on this explicit case of predictive programming... #journalism #videos #targetedindividuals #gangstalking #news
The Corona Virus Beyond the Headlines... This Saturday I'll be co-leading an online meeting with an activist colleague from L.A. Skywatch on the COVID-19 situation. Elana Freeland has also confirmed attendance as our special guest! #news #technology #coronavirus #corona
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