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location_onMinnesota, United States
Lightpainter! A light in the dark.
Just to reveal how simple and beautiful life can be if only you are contented, also I’d like to make new friends.
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Self-taught Makeup Artist, beauty junkie, rock climber, amateur photographer and animal lover
Adventure Specialist On The Youtube I'll be sharing lots of outdoors pictures I find here on Minds. I'll also be sharing all of my adventure videos I shoot on Youtube. I love supporting the new guy and reminding new content. Please support me by subscribing to my Youtube channel.
Numerology, Tarot, Angel Numbers, Reiki, and Astrology You can find more information about numerology, tarot, astrology and spirituality at
Professional Pokemon Master- Always guilty until proven how guilty
Sometimes I make things. Sometimes people like what I make. Sometimes they don't, and I don't give a frick. Instagram: @durkmurtonphotographer
Adventurer Fine Artist Naturalist Photographer Painter Pet lover Family man
For years I thought life was happening to me and that made me reactionary, but now with a shift in mind state now I'm whats Impacting life. @MINDSYNC-BOOSTERS @thegrubqueen The first to subscribe to my channel thanks for the wire. @RiverRose An amazing person indeed, inspiring the creative spark within, thanks for the support. @Sentinus The embodiment of what makes minds great, thanks for the support. @MrsDoll, I really appreciate your support thanks. @Evolve2More Thank you greatly for your support. @mindofmyown Thanks alot I appreciate your support. @WrapHops Thanks, your support means alot. @huy_guitar108 Your support is greatly appreciated, thanks. @RonPeltz Thank you greatly for your support. @kibls I am very thankful for your support. @mikehopkins Thank you for your support. @ottman Thanks for your support in addition to creating minds. @awesomevinc Thank you so much for your support. @eddyshiva Thanks for your support. @delastman Your support is greatly appreciated, thanks. @Milica42 Thanks for your support, it helps the channel greatly. @SPECIAL-THANKS @cartman1 Thanks for the great advice. @gopaaron Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. @foxfox Thanks for your input regarding Minds. @scottcbusiness Thanks for being an ambassador to the mind community. @Morris4949 Great supporter of minds community . @VirtualUniverse Great minds community supporter. @corwin155 Great supporter of minds community. @bitcoinportugal Thanks for your support. @Caroline144 Great minds supporter. @eightpm Great minds supporter @earthsmile great content. @CRYPTO-SUPPORT BTC 13L4gdvuhy7QjZ7LMCirioGF5hs4jpoomS ETH 0x02fB507195dc3e81d67aa7393797E3f2a38EB81E LTC LTCsgAjpHQZcYEyduW9d5LKSXrDnCzkMAj @COINBASE-PREMIER-CRYPTO-EXCHANGE.
Minnesota, United States
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Apr 2019
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