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I love my parents and siblings 💖💖💖
Former leftist agitator who walked away in 2015. I was an union organizer and a member of several leftists parties, a couple of which are really notable today. Working to undo the wrongs I did while working on the left. Proud American and Jew. Speaking the truth about the evils of leftist wokeism and Marxist thought.
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Messi fans and every other things related to sports
Keep up with and Give away book, `The End of All Evil' by Jeremy Locke, to friends & acquaintances. Follow Mark Passio, Larken Rose, David Icke, Michael Tellinger (science). Study many things. Music. Numismatics. Consciousness, mind-control & how it works. Self-evolution and dealing with living in an insane world. Been to Europe. Crossed Atlantic 6 times, once on ship, U.S.S. Constitution. Been across Pacific 50 times. To Inner Mongolia, China, S. Korea, Japan, & Sado Island in The Sea of Japan. Sometimes very confused living on a slave planet, filled with ego, euphemisms, dialectics & false beliefs. Cure myself of the disease of irrationality, superstition and mysticism. Cure myself of my own mental illness, so I can have and maintain an accurate perception of reality, wether I like it or not. DO NOT believe in the religion of government. Natural Law is FIRST. Principles, Freedom, Life, Property. In that order. That's it for now.
Exploring , Traveling , Photographing my passion 🧳 📸 🌴🧗🏼⛰
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Apr 2021
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