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馃Please follow and I will follow back 馃 馃An eclectic resource of anything and everything Jurassic 馃寧 and all things Dinosauria 馃尨 Join the T-Rex Paddock on social media, links located below!馃10k subscribers on YT. 2.5+ million views.馃 馃尨The 馃Paddock Review: Jurassic Unboxings! Featuring 馃Uninerd馃 馃T-Rex Paddock Newscast: Jurassic Park Franchise and Paleontology 馃摪 馃尨 Dinosaur馃幃Gaming馃 馃 馃 馃More to come!馃 馃.
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Aspiring horror creator. Affiliated with @MythoverseComics. I wish you all peace and happiness.

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Alpha Psi Omega, Theta Alpha Phi and Pi Beta Sigma

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For you.

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喙喔權箟喔權笖喙堗覆喔复喔曕腹喙 喙喔涏箛喔權箑喔`阜喙堗腑喔囙斧喔ム副喔 // 喙喔`阜喙堗腑喔囙福喔竾 喔笝喙冟笀喔椸箞喔竾喙喔椸傅喙堗涪喔 Community of sharing - Minds // Vote me 1 I will vote you back 3 馃挅馃挅馃挅

I am Anti -China, btc, 喔炧父喔椸笜喔炧福喔侧斧喔∴笓喙 -democrat-hypocrat -Shoppee, lazada, APPLE -喙喔堗箟喔侧釜喔编抚, 喔佮腑喔囙笚喔编笧喙勦笚喔 -Central Bank

People's person, go getter, public influencer, opinion leader

Keep up with and Give away book, `The End of All Evil' by Jeremy Locke, to friends & acquaintances. Follow Mark Passio, Larken Rose, David Icke, Michael Tellinger (science). Study many things. Music. Numismatics. Consciousness, mind-control & how it works. Self-evolution and dealing with living in an insane world. Been to Europe. Crossed Atlantic 6 times, once on ship, U.S.S. Constitution. Been across Pacific 50 times. To Inner Mongolia, China, S. Korea, Japan, & Sado Island in The Sea of Japan. Sometimes very confused living on a slave planet, filled with ego, euphemisms, dialectics & false beliefs. Cure myself of the disease of irrationality, superstition and mysticism. Cure myself of my own mental illness, so I can have and maintain an accurate perception of reality, wether I like it or not. DO NOT believe in the religion of government. Natural Law is FIRST. Principles, Freedom, Life, Property. In that order. That's it for now.

Student engr, Music enthusiast, history enthusiast, open minded, always ready to learn and impact.

#Virgo queen#. I love baking, cooking and making friends... And yes I'm an introvert.... I love trying out new things .... Most of all I love God and I love people ... Don't forget to like , vote, subscribe and remind..

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Apr 2021
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