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I'm a geek, a gamer. I've been around just long enough to not consider myself 'young' anymore, but I'm not quite old yet.

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metrology tech, american, U.S. Navy veteran. adventurer, hunter, explorer. memer, gamer, shitposter. Guess you could say I'm a variety.

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Mark Collett is a British Nationalist and political activist who has been actively campaigning on a patriotic platform since the turn of the century. The former Head of Publicity for the British National Party and the man in charge of the BNP's successful GLA and European Election campaigns, Mark now works with a variety of groups and individuals within the UK and abroad.

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This diverse community came together around videos games such as Destiny 2, Overwatch, and Diablo. We are of difficult colors, political persuasions, sexualities, religions, and nationalities, but we all have one thing in common: we believe in the free and fair exchange of ideas so we can learn from one another and support each other in becoming the best versions of ourselves, and it's up to the individual to learn what that version will become.

Apr 2020
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