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Firstly, I do my own stunts. Socially awkward. Got lyme's disease in the military. Have Bells Palsy and DPDR just to name a few issues. My life is complete hell because I have a fight or flight response that doesn't turn off. I'm basically homeless because of it. I spend a lot of time in the desert. I can't hold down a job. I make music and travel to cope with my life. I drink. Looking for travel companions and beautiful women. When I say beautiful I mean the soul. I'm sick of bullshit materialistic and shallow people.

Luna Boutiques, a local women’s fashion store, now online, with the latest shapes, styles, sizes and colours so you can feel great about your style.

The adventure and science of precision rifle marksmanship. Premier outdoor shooting sports instruction in Texas Hill Country, just an hour north of Austin.

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i have lots 2 tell U. Also: No solicitations, yo that’s annoying

Anti-socialist with insight and reasoning to all the dumb things Democrats do. Also, memes are the best thing that’s happen from social media. #DemocratsAreSocialist #CreepyJoe #Meme #Politics #News #BigGovSucks

Chief of the Boat
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Chief Executive Officer of the InterWebs

metrology tech, american, U.S. Navy veteran. adventurer, hunter, explorer. memer, gamer, shitposter. Guess you could say I'm a variety.

podcaster, streamer, climber, musician and Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Happy to entertain, converse and debate, and always trying to grow the mind with discussion #politics #musician #podcasting #commentary #satire #twitch #streamer #streaming #retrogames #videogames #cats #humor

Apr 2020
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