Just a small Strawberry flavored bunny trying to find her way in this strange yet fascinatingly hilarious world. As for what I do... I do what I want Art: Commission work, Fan Art, and Coloring Write, and Vtuber (gaming streamer). Possibly let's play streaming (haven't done that in awhile) ... stuff like that I know this doesn't sound very professional, but in a day and age where everyone either wants to all wear a mask of dignity or be a complete slob... I am exhausted of it and would just rather be myself. I will treat others by how much I know them and how I am treated. I try to put out as much positivity and objective thinking as possible so I receive the same treatment back. If this is abused, I won't be so nice. Just because I am nice does not mean that I am open to being abused. So with all that out of the way, I hope you all enjoy what I put up. And thank you so much for the support.
A group to find new frens, based off the #FrenFinder hashtag. Promote yourself, your work or just simply post what you enjoy and what you normally post about then let the frens come to you. Please don't spam and don't post any Minds+ content here, this group is for everyone to help us all grow. Please keep #FrenFinder posts on the feed below to no more than one post per person per week, we want it to be easy to scroll for everyone, too many posts means too much clutter. Be excellent to each other. Group run by @klara_sjo Moderated by @penitusvox @deckenkatze and @timoburnham
This groups is dedicated to all parts of Vtubers from the vtubers the Vtubers themselves to the fans it is intended as a way for Vtubers on minds to be able to assist each other through advice or even setting up collabs with others and then of course it is a place for fans to post whatever Vtuber related content they want Rules 1. be respectful 2. posts should in some way relate to Vtubing Vtubers Currently in the group @judge_cronos @dicebaggery @wallchan @sunofpearl89 @blazebun
A group dedicated to sharing their love of Shojou manga and of romance based comics! All who enjoy romance comics are welcome! As are people who are trying to advertise their romance based comics or share their favorite comics if they are being released. #DokiDokiLitMangaClub #DDLMC #Shoujomanga #RomanceComics
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This group is dedicated to the promoting of small businesses and business owners on the Minds platform. Post about your business, what you do, what you sell and everything else you want us to know about it. If you have a website you may also post it here with a short description. #smallbusinesspromo #independentartist #selfemployed
A place where you can stay up to date to all of Strawbunny's video content, and new merch. Thank you all so much for the support! Catch me live on Twitch: Twitch: Friday and Saturday: 6pm-9pm PST / 9pm- 12 am EST or Consider checking out my Merch Shop on RB: In Categories under "Strawbunny Merch" #strawbunnyplays #strawbunnypromos
Welcome to a new group for people aspiring to be authors, or who have taken the leap into the publishing world. group chat -!
Frog posting and frens Please don't Fedpost. Non-frens stay away!
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