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Beauty is beauty, that’s all there is to it. If you are interested in you, then you’re stuck with you and you’re stuck with your death. But if you get interested in beauty, then you’ve latched on to something mysterious inside your soul that grows like a secret insane thought, and takes over completely when you die, and you’re IT. :: Please check in to see dates of upcoming shows :: :: Please post ART, MUSIC & any pertaining content and/or contributions for future shows :: :: THANK YOU ::
A doc-series about The Creative Minds Underground. A Infinite Imaginarium and MindsGaming Production.
Ever think about how much communication comes from gathering around a good cup? Einstein himself was known to frequent his local coffee shop. Some of the places he would sit have become quite famous. Coffee broke us out of the debauchery of the Middle Ages and slowly sobered us into the Industrial Revolution. Now here we are ... on the Third or maybe even Fourth Industrial Revolution. Pharmy's are running course through our veins, along with polymers and a cocktail of hormones. We receive a dose of christmas tree lights hourly - sometimes more - and our normal human feelings of achievement and prestige are being tampered with - as well as our sense of physical comfort. _____________________________________________________________🧞‍♂️________ On one hand, we enjoy our handheld windows to the universe and the ability to scoff at Death, but on the other ... there's gotta be more to life than a post industrial dystopia. _________________________________________💡________ These conundrums are gonna take some active MINDs. ______⚡️________ We know it in our core that something must be done. __________ __________ ______ _________________________________________________🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠_ Riiiight after this cup. _______________________________🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 Somebody hold my mug .... ________________________🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠_ Imma Hash this out ... _________________________________👀🧠🧠🧠🧠__ ______________________ ________________________~_~_____________🧠🧠 ____________________________________~_~_ #CoolMindsCafe ________💡 🎫 Whatever you would talk about at your local café - bring it here! If you need a good bean for your brew to get the Minds firing, check out Jolly's coffee club on his main page. If you want to start roasting yourself, contact Jolly! He'll help you get started in your part of the world!!/CoolMinds
Minds Official Gifs Group - All Welcome - 😀 GIF = GRAPHICS INTERCHANGE FORMAT. A group for sharing unique gifs; invite like minded users. Easily create gifs via links @ Video to Gif converter @ Lunapic editor @ Resize animated gifs @ Zoetropic app @ VIMAGE app @ (APK downloads can be found if you do not wish to use google play store) PLEASE ensure your posts contain a TITLE and these TAGS below as this indexes your files on a database and increases visibility. #OfficialGifs #Minds #Gifs #Art (PLEASE post directly to the group otherwise exterior news feed page links will be deleted) Whenever possible please credit original artists if you share material that you have not created yourself. Easy access to editor apps and tools in the beginning of the conversations section. Please add any editor tools/apps you use. Remember you can always use my website link at the top for finding apps/tools. (This will give new members a starting point if they have no knowledge of gifs and wish to make their own). MODERATOR DUTIES = Common Sense - Remove spam/static images etc... OFFICIAL GIFS ANIMATION DESIGNERS = @ChrisMadzier @Darkinmyeyes @miad33s @Rushofwaves GROUP MODERATORS = @ChrisDoogood @NigelDownUnder @RedDragonLS HAVE FUN!!! JOIN MINDS OFFICIAL GIFS TODAY!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ Many thanks and best wishes from Official Gifs 🙂
ALL things #Science and #Technology #Discussion #Infosharing #Research #Investigation Group Rules: Members are free to share a maximum of 3 "Science and technology" related posts per day Spammers will be dealt with accordingly
Yes, the irony in the group name is intentional. ;) This group is to share and discuss anything and everything about decentralization. Decentralization is now a fundamentally important concept in preserving our freedom of speech, of preventing censorship, and, in the bigger picture, a force against tyranny. Please share any apps, services, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, etc... here. Even ideas for new decentralized technology that may not exist yet. I'm sure there will be plenty of developers here listening (including myself @CSharpner). NO SPAMMING! Be kind to each other. We're all on the same team. #decentralized #decentralization #freespeech #censorship We now have an official website: <-- Go visit it now!
(What I Know Is Being.) Share, learn, & grow! WikiBeing, A Human experiential tool for recording mankind as it happens, The Journey of self-discovery beyond Ego! Becoming human has never been more fun!
Ubuntu Questions
The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States. With an estimated 2017 population of 8,622,698 distributed over a land area of about, New York City is also the most densely populated major city in the United States. #NYC #USA #Cities #America #Links #Information #directory #NEWS #history #culture #network #discussion #information @FacebookFluxx #FacebookFluxx ALL Commerical content requires a ONE-TOKEN donation.
#MemeWars Freedom To Meme! This group is run by #MindsGaming and gives rewards for original memes. Group Rules: - Freedom to meme The only way to get banned is by posting things that are not memes. Rewards: Community rewards are given out by community runners or our community channel, to receive rewards you will need to add the ecosystem network: tag them or our community channel in your original content with your wallet address. --- MemeWars Chat: --- This Group would like to remain independent to the “system” if you report users in this area, or this area itself follow the terms of service and block and unsubscribe from that user, and leave this area immediately ; this area is run by @MindsGaming ---- Meme wars! Freedom to meme! The original #Memes #Gif #Gifs #MindsGaming #minds #MemeWars
A Marketplace for NFT collectibles. Promote Your NFT's in this area!! - No marketplace or development advertising, this is a place to promote your NFT artwork. Please Support Us (Our Shop) Admin: @MindsGaming --- #MindsGaming #NFT
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