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Machine Learning
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Join @Rushkoff @SatoriD @Cartman1 @curryhobo @InfiniteImaginarium in 90 minutes for an amazing live event!
I want to make connections between the lineage of ideas with artistic/shamanic techniques, all the while smoking alchemical gold so that I can share the timeless vision of humanity and play with new forms of media. Learning about media and culture by actually making media and culture. ENTER THE VAPOR TEST BECOME EITHER PARANOID OR AN AGNOSTIC Program or Be Programmed The Only Command for The Last Days of Reality If not now, when? The future is here and it's time to get weird. We will be comparing notes from a lifetime in the trenches of hyperspace. We are going to sing and dance in the invisible landscape.
284 views · Jan 23rd
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186 views · Jan 21st
I wasn't planning on posting anything political for a long while, but this is too fascinating. Someone created a chronological video timeline of the Capitol riots from the Parler data dump.
188 views · Jan 18th
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@minds is what we post. As we grow, let's grow community and not hatred. We get so much further lifting each other up.
8.9k views · Jan 11th

A lot of new people here. Wanted to say hello from someone who has been using this site since it's alpha in 2015.

5.75k views · Jan 11th
"What rationale there is for promoting progress by extending copyright retroactively on works written in say the 20s and 30s escapes me completely. I don't know how it could possibly provide the now dead authors of those times more incentive to write more works back then." -Richard Stallman #permawebworthyquotes
642 views · Jan 2nd
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I am back with a very special imaginarium show with @ottman in this one I get real, see the face of SatoriD. This is raw and uncut. Its a gem!
9.85k views · Dec 23rd, 2020
"For every person in the world, more than their body weight in stuff is now being produced each week." For the record, finding creative ways to minimize individual contributions to this statistic > social taboos in my book, so if you do something weird with good intent for the environment, I want to give you a virtual high five right now. It's depressing and thinking about our impact on the planet in a habitual context can be overwhelming, but the battle over cognitive dissonance isn't won in a single day. I find peace in holding myself to a high standard and doing what I can when I can with iterative improvements over time. My newest challenge is getting better at avoiding those disposable plastics (which are more prominent in 2020) if going out to eat. Social situations are inherently harder.
768 views · Dec 10th, 2020
Conservatives are scared of Biden stealing the election Liberals are scared of Trump stealing the election Out of touch incumbents are scared of ranked choice voting stealing their chances of election Election cycles are only going to get worse if we don't have this conversation
536 views · Nov 6th, 2020
Ever since hearing about deepfakes, I thought it could be a fun/avenue opening medium to utilize creatively (while also doing the essential task of exposing more people to it's implications). I sat on that idea for over a year without acting on it, but Trey Parker and Matt Stone did things way better than I could have.
500 views · Oct 30th, 2020
To anyone who had traded the Minds token on Uniswap (even just a single swap) before Sept 1, you are currently eligible for an airdrop of 400 of their newly launched tokens currently valued at over $1000 (at $3+ per token as of noon September 17th).
1.62k views · Sep 17th, 2020