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"The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot." Werner Herzog Mission Statement: I will strive to publish a new photograph each day, but never more than that. It is an arbitrary self-imposed constraint whose purpose is to create an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. You may purchase a growing yet limited NFT collection of my work (23 copies each, ofc!) at: https://wax.atomichub.io/creator/collection/23skiddooexp Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/14346113@N04/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/23skiddoo23/ Purchase a print of my work at: https://marko-raos.pixels.com/
I'm an amateur photographer based in Portugal. Black and whites, nature, skies and decay is what I like to work with. Cheers!
Hi Imran here welcome to my profile.
Tourist, geocacher, photographer from Czechia
Life photographer. I enjoy street, travel, and event photography. Serendipitous moments are awesome! Take a journey with me. http://willactual.com
seriously unserious. random. non sequitur. takes pictures. writes words. nerd. futurist. Patriots fan. fitness & food enthusiast. "The villain is the person who knows the most but cares the least."
Photographer and degreed historian.
Minds went full Fakebook. BEWARE! There will be consequences to giving out your or your friend's phone number (ID). Don't be fooled by fake guarantees of 'nobody's collecting anything', someone is. That's what all the corporate social media sites said as well at the beginning. You are signing your own warrant. F.CK FANTASY PEANUT TOKENS Wake up, you are never going to make any meaningful income posting on social media unless you become just another spammer. It's just to keep you busy and all of your most successful efforts will be stolen and reposted using bots. There are other ways to have 2FA than simply to give away your ID. If Minds supports free speech then why am i shadow banned? Member since 2015, contributed many things, trust me i know what they're doing.
Hello I started with MINDS few months ago & I think is the best place for humoristic and freely content. My name is Kaja and I write about ESSENTIALISM Very simple thinkingway which is opportunity in war against bad consumerizm I express myself by my style I do not believe in feminism but I belife in THE HUGE POWER of woman's nature. I am also ecostyle 25♀ from Central Europe Focused on important thingz, my passion and friends &family I am sure you can follow me and find your own essentialism way directly to happiness! & Thank You for support me ♥ #nature #minimalism #essentialism #consumerizm #music #minds #fashion #style #eco #woman #photography #writer #copywriter #tags #tips
Apr 2018
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