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Hi I'm Rusta0, an aspiring artist and cartoonist who's settled here. Here I upload art, drawings, and bits of other interests of mine. I do both sfw and nsfw on a when I feel like it basis, so feel free to stick around if you appreciate either of those. I exist all around the internet, check me out where you wish!
Art ,music and photos
Hi! I'm just a weeb who likes to draw in her free time and would like to do it full time some day ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨
🌇Student Cartoonist/Illustrator 🎇Commissions Closed 🎆Check out my Carrd for my portfolio!
➤ Artist - SFW & NSFW ➤ VR Avatar Creator ➤ ➤ Pfp & Banner: _kuzururu I draw whatever's on my mind, hope that's okay
Ahoy! its us, sleepy pirates :)
New at this art gig i love mechas
Artist who draw fanarts and OC's
(⌒▽⌒)♡ hello! 🔪 Minds Goal: 100 Subscribers 🔪 Youtube Goal: 100 Subscribers
Im an artist and a blogger and a writer soo yeah
30something she/her switch nsfw art, audio and musings💜
Artist/Writer for #Mythoverse Comics. Other upcoming projects I’m attached to are Miss Espionage, Ms. Spectacle, Riven and Paradigm Yume. This channel will contain NSFW content, so be warned.
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Dec 2019
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