Trump Trump Trump and proud cracker Extremely toxic male! Love my wife more than myself! Self employed Not touchy feely Proud Pawpaw Hot rodder Pilot Sailor White White White Only racist against behavior

Help us in exposing the sick fucks and the hypocrites Thank you for all the votes, support and wires. I give all points to #MindsVets to support the cause and the group. Follow if you believe in the cause and what they are doing. Faithful to God and Britannia ✝️🇬🇧 Purged from Twitter 18/12/2017 Declared a “Dangerous Individual” by Facebook 28/04/2019 ‘If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first’ John 15:18

You don't clear up a dungheap from underneath it. - Sir Mosley

 Multiculturalism Is Code For White Genocide Diversity + Proximity = War White Guilt Is A Form Of Thought Control  We Should Never Be Ashamed Of Who We Are And Where We Come From We Must Not Allow The People Who Hate Us To Erase Our History, Vilify Our Ancestors & Dictate The Future Of Our Nations This Is A Call For Our People To Reflect On And To Unashamedly Celebrate The Achievements & Contributions Of Our People This Is Our World Too    

Week 1, Nov 2018: I'm not far-right or alt-right. I'm a moderate conservative to the Left of Hitler. Week 3, Nov 2018: EDIT: I've seen enough over the last month to nudge me further to the Right. I'm now to the Right of Hitler, and wondering why he didn't annihilate all the communists. They lied to us about history, about Hitler and the Nazis... but he should have done exactly what they said he did to the enemies of mankind. 26 Nov 2018: EDIT: Gas everyone! Let's build a Nazi utopia and start again. VOTE ROBERT STERKESON 2024

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