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Tools and strategies for health and cognitive performance enhancement. Nootropics and Smart Drugs Biohacking tech Herbal medicine Diet optimization Fasting Exercise Mindfulness and meditation Anti-Aging, Transhumanism, and Philosophy Let us know what biohacks you're using... [This group and the postings are MODERATED so let's keep the conversation respectful and posts unrelated to the above will be removed promptly] If you're new to biohacking visit or you can follow Advertisers: Only ONE promotional post a week. If you're going to share links to try to drive traffic elsewhere you MUST participate in the conversation here and comment on other people's stuff - not doing so will result in a ban.
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We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion, Exspect Us ! We Share Anonymous Music, From ALL Around The World ! #Anonymous #AnonymousMusic #TruthMusic #CriticalMusic #Anonpsy #TruthRap #Electro #UndergroundHipHop #AM #Truth #Music All Genres ... [no mainstream tell lies, mindcontrol, distraction, satanic music, early sexualisation frequencys, mk ultra]! :Friendly Groups: Truth Music 🎵 Anonymous Consciousness Entertainment Privacy Coins, Cryptocurrencies 💎 decentralized the web✊ |Autarkically networked💞Autark vernetzt| Anonymous for Animal Rights 💞🐬🐄🐝🐖🐤🐧🐁
The place for all eco-minded people to learn and share news, views and practical knowledge on sustainable living in harmony with nature, the people and your own self - inspired by Anastasia's from the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series.
Place for people from different countries who want to move (immigrate) to Russia. Ask any questions on residency, citizenship, finding a job, starting a business, buying a house, a land parcel, joining a Kin's settlement, and feel free to share your own experience.
PARALLEL STRUCTURE. New, Little Known and Alternative views on science, medicine, philosophy, health, economics, history, archeology, but not politics please. (this site was not intended to be a political sounding board but we have made concessions due to the blatant tyranny being imposed upon us at this time. Please understand that not all political posts will be approved)
Everything Minds and everything tech. Help and support; power-using tips and tricks to make your life on Minds an awesome experience! Check us out on Minds Matrix: or via the Minds Chat app at: #mug #mindsusergroup #mcosi #minds #user #support #tech #tips #tricks #hacks
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Feb 2019
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