Philosophical Polymath, Artist, Motivational Speaker, Former Military Pilot, Inventor, Entremanure, Open-Minded Critical Thinker, Writer, Poet, Renaissance Creator. Leadership Development Specialist and Corporate Trainer. Career-long tagline: "The best way to become a better manager is to become a better person."

Greetings! New project here, founded in September 2020. A mix of things. Thanks for connecting and we will follow back. Have a good one.

UK Circus Performer, Sideshow Artist, Catastrophist, Propaganda Destroyer, Space Weather Enthusiast, Enemy of The State, Heretic. Survivor! Posts do not necessarily represent my views!

I love nature, music, food, travel and family Ich liebe Natur, Musik, Essen, Reisen und Familie Volim prirodu, muziku, jela, putovanja i familiju Ador natura, muzica, m芒ncarea, c膬l膬toriile 葯i familia

I'm just some disabled USMC Intel war veteran, who loves to make games and grow things. Future homesteader. Official Home of Antipode Studios! Founder of www.MindsGaming.com https://MindsGaming.com My Antipode Studios Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCro86_pCDJzrXmgqw2CR57g Don't Bother With This https://antipodestudiosnet.wordpress.com/ I don't check DM's on here. If you got something to say to me, just comment on one of my posts, or tag me.

Ken Clark
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Not Democrat. Not Republican. Not Liberal. Not Conservative. (_8(o) Dohhh! Myths are our History. The Universe is Electric. The Sun controls our Atmosphere. Velikovsky was Right. Do your Research,,,,,, The Second Amendment was created to also protect all the other Amendments, primarily the right to FREE SPEECH... Man Cannot live on Mars, The Solar and Galactic radiation will damage his chromosomes and prevent red blood cells from producing. He. Will. Die.. Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Black Holes do not exist, they are things made up by man to make their math work. It's their Philosophy, their Religion. Get OFF my LAWN,,,,,,,,, Unless You Buy me a Beer; Paypal.me/kralcnek Current Reading List; New Libertarian Manifesto Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America The Libertarian Manifesto Against The State P.S. Reminding Is Best. Be A Re-Minder .


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