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The LORD Shall Fight Our Battle

6.79k views · Nov 25th, 2020 It’s the n-word for Jews. But if it were that word used just think of the hellfire the left would unleash. But this wasn’t even covered by the leftist media. The Democrats are proudly the party of Jew-hatred now.
42 views · Feb 28th National SJP now holds three key positions: Israel must be destroyed. 1. The U.S. & Canada should not exist. 2. Terrorism against the Jewish population of Israel is legitimate. 3. This group is given free access to colleges and your children’s minds. Students for Justice in Palestine must be banned from every college campus in America. It’s a radical and violent anti-Semitic hate group, that has been violently harassing pro-Israel Jewish students for years. It is shocking that Biden would appoint a former SJP board member, to be senior director for intelligence on the National Security Council. Watch the MUST WATCH video below.
40 views · Feb 28th JOE BIDEN VIOLENT VOTER BASE At least two arrests were made after a mostly peaceful protest in Portland turned violent. Banks and other businesses were trashed as beleaguered residents pleaded with protesters to “go home!” and leave them in peace. A group of dozens of people was reportedly demonstrating against immigration policy under the Biden administration in the Pearl District in downtown Portland but quickly began vandalizing the area. Businesses had their windows smashed, vehicles were vandalized and graffiti was sprayed over a number of walls in the area, as a video uploaded to social media purports to show.
36 views · Feb 28th Individuals have certain fundamental rights that cannot be violated by the government David Icke talks with Common Law Court’s John Smith about what people can do to resist the lockdown tyranny by the state, reopen their businesses and resume their lives.
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28 views · Feb 28th Meghan McCain is always, always, always using her Dad to play the “victim card” Meghan McCain is famous for always playing the “victim card.” And she loves to drag her father into everything, but if anyone else brings him up, she’ll cut you down fast. Meghan is a very self-centered mean girl. But today she pushed things a bit too far. We attribute her actions to the fact her treasonous bastard dad John McCain was executed for treason under the Trump Administration
21 views · Feb 28th Senate Minority Leader CCP Bitch McConnell appears to have had a change of heart since his unforgettable speech at the Senate impeachment trial. In his speech, he all but blamed Trump for the Capitol building attack, yet gave an excuse for voting to acquit: He is now a private citizen. At the speech, McConnell even suggested that Donald Trump could be held “liable” for that Capitol riots fallout, whatever that meant. Donald Trump fired back with a fiery statement that pulled no punches:
19 views · Feb 28th The American people are tired of authoritarian lockdowns. According to an organizer of the movement to oust California Governor Gavin Newsom, the recall vote will happen in California this fall California Gov. Gavin Newsom will face a special election over his recall this fall, according to Randy Economy, the organizer of the movement to oust the Democrat over his coronavirus restrictions. “The process has begun,” Economy told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Thursday. “We’re going to continue to work as hard as we can and to make sure [Newsom] is held accountable and to make sure our rights as an electorate are granted because we’ve done the heavy lifting to make sure that this special election is going to go ahead and move forward.”
45 views · Feb 28th What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it? As reported back in mid-January — Speaker Nancy Pelosi and GOP leader CCP Bitch McConnell refused National Guard support before the announced protests on January 6th. This was well documented and explains why Democrats closed their bogus impeachment case against President Trump rather than allow the light of truth to shine down on the American public who would learn that it was Nancy Pelosi who failed to secure the US Capitol in January.
19 views · Feb 28th WHAT ARE THE TREE HUGGERS GOING TO SAY WHEN THE WIND TURBINES KILLS A LOT OF BIRDS A historic winter storm and the cold blast caused chaos in Texas last week. Power outages were initiated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas early on Monday morning and lasted for days. This meant hundreds of thousands of Texans are without electricity for short periods of time. Temperatures fell into the teens near Dallas and 20s around Houston.
43 views · Feb 28th Democrats just got some bad news in their quest to put the 2020 election fraud and the scandals that have gone along with it, behind them. The party of Joe Biden has been working tirelessly to quell any belief that Biden may not have won the presidency fair and square and this week the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona, did not help them, The Washington Examiner reported. The court decided that the Arizona Senate Republicans’ subpoenas of materials and equipment related to the election are “legal and enforceable.” “The Court finds that Subpoenas are legal and enforceable. There is no question that the Senators have the power to issue legislative subpoenas,” Judge Timothy Thomason said after the hearing.
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