"Reptoid Discovers Minecraft" video series Director/Producer. Parody, Satire, Dark humour. Chaotic Resonance Internet Radio and Minecraft Servers. #PWD

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Pagan | Video Editor GameDev Hobbyist

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I created a youtube channel & now it's on Minds :D On my channel, I use cheat discs, cartridges and SD Cards to cheat on retro consoles :D

life is good, though it would be better if more people thought for themselves.

I am a gaminng content creator; I love video games; my favoirtes are games that have high replayability and funfactor. Making these videos is fun for me and I hope you enjoy them! Dwarf Fortress is one of my favorites because of its complexity and procedural generation. I will be playing this game when I'm a old man hahahaha. After some time I will take a break from Dwarf Frotress and play some of my other favorite games, but I will always go back to Dwarf Fortress videos.

Dark surrealist: Chaotic Resonance radio station owner! Video series Producer/Director. Humour: Satire, Parody, Bad puns.

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If you like my posts and the topics I cover, You will enjoy scrolling/searching through ALL my posts. I have lots of great, similar, & unique articles even at the very bottom of my feed. See for yourself. •••MY ARCHIVES PAGE••• Best of the Best Archived HERE TOPICS: #DomPolitics: News, Economy, Gov't, Laws, Corruption, World News, Gov't Ops, Conspiracies, Crime, Nwo, Docs, ect. #DomScience: Science, Tech, Health, Biology, DNA, Chemistry, Space, Chemtrails, Weapons, Aliens, UFOs, Crypto, Gov't Tech, Spynetwork, ect. #DomOccult: Religion, GOD, Theology, Witchcraft, Sacred Geometry, Psychology, Secret Societies, Occult Knowledge, Esoteric, Aether, Gnostic, ect. #DomMusic: Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Oldies, 80s, & more. #DomBListArticles: Posts not on my profile feed. XTRAS POST. Link Here: Anything worth posting I post. Also, I give my opinions, summary, &/or highlights of my post. Any words inside Parentheses ( ) are my opinion in 99% of the time. BUNDLED POSTS #0: BUNDLED POSTS #1 BUNDLED POSTS #2 BUNDLED POSTS #3 BUNDLED POSTS #4 BUNDLED POSTS #5 BUNDLED POSTS #6: •••For Those Interested Here Is A Link For All My Music With All Categories.

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All about animals.

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Consistently a top producer of YouTube Video’s, BuzWeaver enlightens, instructs, communicates and delivers an array of content. He keeps fans informed of trending products, games, and current events. Now into his first year of producing and commentating, he’s dedicated to ensuring that all fans get their share of valuable entertainment and advice.

🅳🆂-🆃🅴🅲🅷 🅼🅴🅳🅸🅰 LINUX - AUDIO/VIDEO - GRAPHICS DEVELOPER - CREATOR -DESIGNER I mostly make videos about tech, but I also do visual design and produce my own music. Artist, hackerish, coding, Linux servers, Linux PC's. I'm the guy in the coffee shop typing way too much into a black terminal, you know that guy right? Media-Web-Graphics Designer Find our Videos on Youtube Dtube Bitchute & LBRY!

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